I Hate You Bobrisky – Halima Abubakar Dirties Bobrisky After Sympathising With Her Over Gistlover Expose

Actress Halima Abubakar slammed infamous crossdresser Bobrisky as fake and a hypocrite after Bob tried jumping to her defence against the dreaded Gistlover.

Halima fired Bob, said he should shut up and stop being fake!

She recounted how Bobrisky insulted and attacked her when she was sick so she wasn’t going to sit down for him to pretend to be on her side now.

halima abubakar and bobrisky
Halima Abubakar and Bobrisky

On Sunday night, notorious blogger Gistlover revealed private chats with Halima Abubakar in which the actress admitted to several stunning exposes the blogger had done in the past.

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Halima apparently slept with Apostle Suleman for cash and later had fibroids that made her stomach look so big.

Out of embarrassment, she claimed she had given birth, even though it was a lie.

Gistlover called her out but Halima denied and rained curses on the blogger.

She finally admitted to lying in a private chat with Gistlover and the blogger posted the chats.

Halima admitted she’s still suffering from the sickness the pastor gave her and has spent over 30m Naira trying to fix it.

Gistlover claimed that pastors like Suleman sleep with pretty young ladies and use their essence for their occultic or demonic activities.

After the expose, Bobrisky jumped on Instagram to defend Halima and attack Gistlover, who has exposed him many times in the past.

He slammed the blogger for posting private chats with Halima and for trying to destroy the actress’s life.

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Halima wasn’t having it – she clapped back at Bobrisky for being fake and a hypocrite.

“Bob risky don’t forget you insulted me when I was sick and called me names. Keep me out of your silly games. “You mocked me bf. Dont write about me ever again. I hate you Bobrisky,” the actress fired.

Check out her post exposing Bobrisky below…

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Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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