I Don’t Give 2nd Chances – Tonto Dikeh Spits on Bobrisky Begging for A Comeback

Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh has rubbished any chance of a comeback with Bobrisky as friends, noting she doesn’t give 2nd chances.

Tonto says once she’s done with you, she’s done.

The actress made this revelation on Instagram Friday night.

bobrisky tonto dikeh

She wrote: “I am very good with doing away with people. I don’t care how much of a great person you are once I sense you are here to dampen my spirit I simple throw you away.

“I have no regrets, at the end of the day am looking out for me. I never give a 2nd chance cause behind close doors I must have given you more chances than you deserve.”

Her comments seem aimed at Bobrisky, her former bestie turned foe.



Fans had missed reactions to her claim.

iqueenlatifat wrote: Actually that’s not a good thing……… there is nothing wrong with second chance🥺

lola.delight wrote: Imagine God throwing us away with no second chance? We are not perfect, and we will hurt each other in relationships.

Ugly Cat with Brown Armpit – Tonto Dikeh Punches Bobrisky In Hilarious Post

In related news, Tonto Dikeh subtly threw shade on Bobrisky as she refused to let their beef die down.

Tonto claims she started having nightmares in which she’s seeing a cat with brown armpit.

Fans have quickly concluded that she’s throwing new shade at Bobrisky.

Tonto and Bobrisky went on their dirtiest war yet.

They both truly exposed each other with even bystanders like Mompha catching stray bullets.

Tonto is still on that as she shared a new post firing shots at Bobrisky.


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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