I Don’t Care She’s Breastfeeding – Korra Obidi’s Husband Callously Kidnaps 4-Week Old Baby, Calls her A Wh*re

U.S based Nigerian singer Korra Obidi’s husband, Dr Justin Dean, showed his other side in a new video as he kidnapped their two children and called Korra a wh*re.

He took the two children under the pretext of a visit and then filed for divorce, giving him custody until the divorce proceedings are done.

Dean also rained insults on Korra in a video that has popped up online, raining derogatory words at her including wh*re and sl*t.

The video shows a heated confrontation between Korra and her husband.

He angrily curses at her as he explains why he took the kids from her in a clandestine manner.

Korra complained their newborn is only 4-weeks old and needs to breastfeed, to which her husband replied he does not care.

korra obidi divorce

Gossip Mill received the video from a source with a rundown of what’s going down. 

“Gossip Mill Justin is very manipulative he is not who he claims to be. 

“Justin took the kids since Monday and told Korra he would be back by evening but didn’t bring the kids even the 4 weeks old until this morning he had been feeding her formula,” the source said. 

The source added Justin cannot properly cater for the kids. 

“The kids were so unkempt with scratches on the weeks old and so untidy and unclean.

“Infact he started feeding the 4 weeks old formula,” they added.


Korra Obidi’s divorce with American husband Dr Dean becomes uglier day by day.

Her husband callously took their 4-week old baby!

That seems incredibly traumatic for a new mother to deal with.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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