How to Watch Abena Korkor Twitter Video 

Looking for a way to watch Abena Korkor Twitter video? Well, you came to the right place!

Abena Korkor is a Ghanaian social media personality known for sharing controversial videos online every other day.

Korkor claims to suffer from bipolar disorder, a subset of which causes her to be hypers.£.xual.

Thus, she is always sharing videos in short pants, hot pantsand sometimes, no pants!

On Friday, November 9th 2023, Abena Korkor set Twitter on fire following the release of one of her videos.

If you’re here, I’m sure you know what the video is already about so I’m not going to bore you with the details.

Let’s get down to the business of how to watch the Abena Korkor Twitter video.

How to Watch Abena Korkor twitter video

abena korkor twitter video

If you’re interested in watching the Abena Korkor twitter video, then you’ve made the right choice by visiting

The Abena Korkor twitter video can be found by visiting the Twitter or X handle of @OriginalObeng.

Scroll down the feed of that page and you might just run into the Abena Korkor twitter video.

So what led to this latest video of Abena Korkor to hit social media?

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The Ghanaian mental health activist claims she sent the video to some very big men in the country to view in the privacy of their rooms – we’re guessing in exchange for some cash.

However, some of these big men have released the video online and Abena Korkor is calling them out.

The first person Abena Korkor is calling out for releasing her video online for it to reach Twitter is one politician called Joshua Akamba.

Akamba is a big man in the National Democratic Congres (NDC), one of Ghana’s two main political parties.

Korkor claims she sent him the video and fingered him for letting it get out.

“Akamba report yourself to the police. I sent those videos to you privately now they are all over the internet because I blocked for disrespecting me. Politics money 💴 doesn’t move me. I don’t ki.$.$ a$..$. 🌪👾🌚,” Korkor wrote.

Joshua Akamba is a former National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress.

A 2nd person Abena Korkor fingered is the Deputy Director of the Cybercrime Unit of the Ghana Police service.

“I will post every [person] I sent this video to. You won’t disrespect me and stay free. I am a FIGHTER. Deputy Director CyberCrime unit , I also sent you videos . You are a suspect,” she said in a 2nd post.

Abena Korkor latest videos twitter

abena korkor latest video twitter

The latest videos of Abena Korkor to be released online are the craziest so far!

They show Abena Korkor going further than she ever has – and causing a mega stir online!

The Abena Korkor video which has been released on Twitter has shut down the platform, trending like wildfire as everyone tries to get their hands on it!

If you want instructions on how to watch the Abena Korkor Twitter video, check out the section above.

Who is Abena Korkor?

Nana Abena Korkor Addo, born January 30, 1990, is a Ghanaian television personality, mental health advocate and self-proclaimed plus size model. 

Korkor is well-known as a former co-host of TV3 Ghana’s “Ladies Circle.” 

Abena Korkor received her basic education at St Paul Methodist Preparatory School and her secondary education at Aburi Girls Senior High School. 

She eventually went on to study Biomedical and Forensic Science at UCC. Korkor attended the University of Ghana before enrolling at UCC but took time off to cool her ‘brains’ in the United States, where she is believed to have been jailed for drug trafficking.

When she returned from the US, she dropped out of the University of Ghana and enrolled at the University of Cape Coast. 

Abena Korkor is infamous in Ghana over her lists of prominent men she has slept with.

She claims to have she had an affair with about 100 people, including popular names such as media personalities Lexis Bill and Kojo Yankson, blogger Nkonkonsa, and politicians.

In November 2023, a video of Abena Korkor was released on Twitter. She claims she sent it to some of those politicians and they posted it online.

Net Worth

Abena Korkor’s net worth 2022 is estimated to be $100,000. Her main source of income is from advertisements, endorsements, and sales of branded products. 

She is one of the leading figures advocating for mental health. 

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Abena Korkor was fired as one of the hosts of the ‘Ladies Circle show’ by the bosses of Media General’s TV3.

She revealed this on her Instagram page while weeping bitterly during a live video broadcast. 

According to her, her bosses had contacted her to inform her that they were removing her from the show, which she co-hosted with Anita Akuffo and other females. 

Korkor openly admitted to abusing drugs and other substances.

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