How JJC Skillz Dumped His Longtime Friend And Manager For Funke Exposed After His Shocking Death

JJC Skillz is in mourning after losing his good friend and former manager Steve – but he was apparently very ungrateful to Steve when he was still alive.

Notorious Instablogger, Cutie Juls, has the lowdown on how JJC Skillz dumped his friend who had huge plans for him to follow Funke to the promised land – only to lost everything in the end.

Before they could reconcile, Steve sadly passed in a shocking manner.

jjc skillz former manager

Read the full details from Cutie Juls below…

It’s really sad to see JJC Skillz bid farewell to his good friend and manager, Steve. Sometimes people don’t appreciate the good people they have till they are no more.

Skillz and Steve had plans. Steve invested most of his time and little savings into making this plans come through. Even Skillz’s ex girlfriend was involved.

Then Skillz met Funke and boom cut of Steve and his ex just like that cuz he saw huge opportunity at Funke’s side. Plus Funke was not ready to accommodate the Steve family friendship cuz Funke doesn’t want any of Skillz’ old friends around unless you are ready to answer her “ma”.

Now Skillz lost his good friend and also lost in “milky marriage “ in the end. His good friend who would have still taken him back and console him also passed away short time after even before he could properly sort things out amongst themselves.

Hmmm life…. Skillz did Steve bad. Steve was so stressed when Skillz jilted their plans and he felt lost. RIP STEVE”

All that glitter, is not gold indeed!


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