His Head Go Clear Come Apologise Soon – Nigerians Laugh at Portable After Sacking His Entire Team in 2 Seconds

Nigerians roasted singer Portable with glee after he angrily sacked his entire management team from manager to Dj to promoter in 2 seconds of anger.

Portable announced the shocking sacking on social media, complaining over their behaviour towards him.

According to the Zazu Zeh hitmaker, he does almost everything for his team but whenever he needs something they claim not to have.

Portable lost his mind over that and sacked everyone in a rage.

He announced in a video on social media – his manager, promoter and DJ have all been summarily fired!

Portable said they’re too ungrateful to continue working with.

Watch video of the moment below…



Nigerians cannot stop laughing over another hot-headed move from Portable.

According to reactions, he will regret this very soon and come and reverse his decision.

One fan wrote: “😂 he go come apologize soon.. Let’s chill for him make him head clear,”

Another said: “😂Na turn by turn make Una no worry,”

Nigeriabombshell.com is not shocked by this action from Portable.

He’s always volatile and angry over something! He’s also addicted to trending so we’re not surprised.

Portable Allegedly Involved in Robbery as He’s Accused of Breaking Into a House with His Crew and Stealing Money, Other Valuables

Controversial singer Portable and crew allegedly broke into a man’s apartment and robbed him.

The man recorded a video to show his house broken into, pointing the blame at Portable and his crew.

The victim claims Portable and his crew broke into his apartment and raided the place.

He claims they stole and destroyed several items including money and other valuables.

He called on Portable to refund the money stolen and pay for any damage to his room.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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