Hermes BBNaija Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Davido Video

Hermes BBNaija is a Nigerian performance artist, reality tv star and basketball enthusiast known for appearing on Big Brother Naija season 7.

Hermes BBNaija was a contestant on Level Up, the seventh season of the highly acclaimed and massively popular Nigerian reality competition.

He joined the house as a new housemate on July 24th 2022, the second day of the launch of the new-style format of the show which introduced two houses.

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Hermes is a member of House 1 known as the Islanders.

One of the most interesting and captivating members of BBNaija: Level UP, Hermes is constantly trending on social media due to his interesting personality and fascinating backstory, which includes dating two ladies simultaneously.

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Hermes BBNaija biography

Hermes BBNaija biography

Hermes Chibueze Iyele is a Nigerian performance artist, reality tv star and basketball enthusiast popular for appearing on BBNaija: Level UP.

He made a big splash during his introductory show after telling Ebuka that he’s in a relationship with two women who both know each other.

According to Hermes, his relationships are the most rewarding part of his life.

However, he says getting two ladies to show love to and to agree to give love back to him was ‘war’.

“It’s taken a lot to be able to give love and get love back from my partners. It’s been a lot we’ve had to talk about and figure out in our journey towards love, it’s been war,” Hermes said.

Hermes is brutally honest and says that is one character trait that might get him into trouble in the Big Brother House.

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“I’m one to tell the truth, but over time I’ve realised many people are not particularly fond of perspectives they don’t agree with, so I tell the truth, but diplomatically,” he revealed.

His favourite food is eba and egusi soup, and Hermes says that’s one food he can eat everyday for the rest of his life.

Hermes says he joined Big Brother to show the world how love and creativity can thrive in all circumstances.

“I’d like to show people just how much the love and creativity that is built in such tight living circumstances can change the world and help people grow,” he revealed.


Hermes Iyele dancing

Hermes BBNaija is an accomplished dancer and performance artist.

He has performed some of his pieces at reputable festivals in Lagos in Nigeria, Glasgow in Scotland and Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

Hermes has also appeared in music videos with Burna Boy, Davido, Buju, Ajebo Hustlers and others.

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Aside from performing art, Hermes also dabbles in basketball, American flag football and enjoys public speaking.

Hermes BBNaija Davido Video

Hermes BBNaija Davido video
The dancer appeared in Davido and Focalistic’s ‘Ke Star’ music video

Hermes appeared with Davido in the music video for the song Ke Star by Focalistic and Davido.

Watch Hermes and Davido video below…

Hermes Burna Boy Video

Burna Boy Monsters you made video

Hermes Iyele appeared in a music video with Burna Boy as well.

He starred in the video Monsters You Made alongside Burna Boy and Chris Martin.

Watch Hermes BBNaija Burna Boy video below…


Hermes BBNaija age

Hermes BBNaija was born on April 21 1997. He is 25 years old.

Real Name

Hermes BBNaija was born Hermes Chibueze Iyele in 1997.

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Hermes BBNaija Net Worth

The BBNaija star has made cool cash as a dancer and performer.

BBNaija Hermes’ net worth is $30,000 as at 2022.

What State Does Hermes BBNaija come from?

Hermes hails from Delta State.

Hermes BBNaija Instagram

Hermes BBNaija Instagram

You can find Hermes BBNaija on Instagram @hermesiyele

He’s also on Twitter @HermesIyele

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