Heart of Gold – Whitemoney Goes Barefoot as he Gifts Expensive Sneakers to a Fan

BB Naija Whitemoney has once again shown off his heart of gold after he took off his sneakers to gift a fan.

Whitemoney was having fun with fans, performing some songs when he decided to bless the life of a young and overexcited fan.

The reality show star was wearing a beautiful pair of red and white sneakers which definitely looked very expensive.

The overexcited fan somehow got it across that they’re interested in the sneakers.

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Whitemoney, being the generous and loving person he’s always been, decided to give out the sneakers.

He took them off his feet and gave them out to the fan!

The super excited fan could not contain his excitement receiving that gift from Whitemoney.

He immediately took off his own shoes and put on Whitemoney’s new shoes, telling you how much he values them!

Whitemoney meanwhile, was left barefoot but just super happy to have made a fan happy.

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Watch video of the moment below…


Fans have hailed Whitemoney for his act of generosity.

They have described him as a gentleman with a heart of gold.

If you watched this season’s BB Naija it’s undeniable that he’s a loving and giving person.

It’s great to see he is continuing that outside the house!

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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