‘He Destroyed My Family’ – Oyinbo lady calls out Nigerian Fraudster Who Scammed Her Mom

A white lady has called out a Nigerian fraudster who she claims scammed her mother out of over $20,000 and ruined her entire family.

According to the lady, the man did not only scam her mother but also destroyed her father who has been in intense therapy trying to heal from the heartbreak.

She said: “When your mum fell in love with a scammer in Nigeria, sent him 20 bands over a period of 6 months, ruined her marriage with my dad and completely destroyed our entire family.

“Now you’re a personal therapist for your dad because it obviously destroyed him, all why trying to heal yourself.”

Watch the white lady call out the Nigerian fraudster below:

According to the American Department of Justice (DOJ), in a romance scam, scammers take advantage of people looking for companionship by pretending to be prospective companions.  Scammers typically create fake online profiles on dating websites that include false personal details such as the death of a spouse, or military service, to lure victims to trust them. 

Once they have gained the trust of victims, scammers will ask victims for money, falsely claiming to need money for medical or business emergencies, for travel to see the victim, or other purposes.

The FBI estimates that more than 20,000 people lost more than $600 million in romance scams in 2020 alone.

Source Nigeriabombshell.com

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