Four Nigerians Arrested In Thailand For Overstaying Their Visas

Four Nigerian men were arrested by Police in Thailand on Friday, February 3rd 2023 for overstaying their visas.

Kenneth Chibuzo, 34, James Chinoyerem Onwuumyirimmadu, 30, Oliver Abazie Uchechukwu and Michael Arinze, 31, were arrested in the Muang district.

The four were found to have overstayed their visas for three to four years.

Chibuzo had overstayed his visa by 1,207 days, Onwumyirimmadu by 1,469 days, Uchechukwu by 1,221 days and Ejogu by 1,236 days.

The suspects were arrested in different locations in tambon Chalong and tambon Rawai on Friday, the tourist police and immigration officers behind their incarceration revealed.

The arrests occurred following a tip-off to police from Phuket residents that the four were acting suspiciously.

They mostly rented houses in isolated places and seldom went out during the day or night.

Apparently, some Thai locals had acted as brokers for the illegal immigrants, renting houses and delivering them food, presumably for a fee.

The four face deportation and other possible criminal charges.


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