Five Times Nollywood Actress Rita Dominic Showed She’s Ready for Marriage But No One Is Looking Her Way

Nollywood actress Rita Dominic always blesses us with gorgeous and sensational photos showing she’s ready for marriage!

Actress Rita Dominic is one of our favourites in Nollywood due to her talent and longevity in the industry.

Since we can remember, Rita has been ever-present on our screens.

Her grace, class, talent and poise has never been in question.

She’s a real queen of Nollywood who has appeared in countless movies and brought entertainment into the lives of millions and millions of Nigerians.

However, whilst Rita is massively fulfiled career-wise, there has always been one question asked about her that she has never been able to answer.

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Despite turning 46-years of age this year, Rita Dominic has never been married!

As we all know, in our society, a huge importance is placed on marriage, especially when it comes to women.

Once you reach age 30 and above, you are swarmed with constant questions about when you will get married.

No matter how many times you answer the question, you will be asked until you’re tired of it yourself.

You can bet Rita Dominic has been dealing with that her entire adult life, not just from her immediate friends and family but even from social media users at large!

Every time she posts online, there is always someone around to ask the question – when are you getting married?

Rita Dominic relationship status

Rita has not answered this question so far although she has recently showed off a man who is presumably her current fiance.

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We can only wish for the best for her in this new relationship!

Maybe it ends in marriage and shuts down this question once and for all!

Until then, enjoy these five beautiful photos of Rita Dominic which shows she’s ripe for marriage!


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