Fear Grips Bobrisky As He Quickly Apologises for Tasteless Joke that Oba of Benin Should Marry Him

Okuneye Idris ‘Bobrisky’ has run to social media to quickly apologise to the Oba of Benin for a ‘tasteless’ joke he passed.

Bob claimed that he’s currently in Benin and the Oba of Benin should come and marry him.

He made this claim whilst riding in a car and bragging about being a billionaire.

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After making the post, Bobrisky was bombarded with attacks from all directions for his disrespectful attitude.

Netizens were enraged and descended on Bob with no mercy on all his online channels.

He quickly realised he has royally messed up and came back to apologise immediately.

According to him, he was just joking because he’s a very jovial and amiable person.

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He called for forgiveness for his actions.

Watch Bob apologise in the video below…


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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