Fans Shower Davido with Love at the Airport as He Arrives in Ghana – Video Drops

Davido touched down in Ghana to much love and adoration from fans, as he receives everywhere.

The 30BN gang star has always been loved but the adoration for him has reached a completely insane level following what happened this past week.

As we all know, Davido cemented his legacy forever after raising over 200m naira from friends, fans and industry colleagues and then adding 50m and donating it all to charity!

Davido initially started by begging for money on his birthday to clear his new Rolls Royce.

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People sent in the money with that intent but Davido later shocked everyone by donating the money to charity.

That incident has raised his reputation by 300% and it was on show when he arrived in Ghana.

Davido has once again taken a trip to Ghana where he might be spending the coming holiday season.

After touching down at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, fans could be heard swarming him with love.

They shouted him out numerous times as he walked to his car to drive him to his residence.

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The fans showed Davido he’s still loved no matter where he goes!

Watch video of his arrival in Ghana below…


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