Emmanuel Is the Best Gameplayer, Faking Feelings for Liquorose Got Him to the Final – Social Media User

Social media has described Emmanuel as the best game player in the Big Brother Naija house after booking his place in the final.

Emmanuel won the Ultimate Veto Power Game on Monday, making him immune to eviction this week.

Since this Sunday is the final eviction show before the final, he is now guaranteed a place in the finale.

Emmanuel also chose Liquorose to be head of house and Cross to be her deputy.

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That guaranteed those two a place in the finale as well.

After this development, social media users are saying Emmanuel has finally completed his task.

According to reactions, Emmanuel is actually the most boring housemate in the house but attaching himself to Liquorose has worked for him to the point he has made it to the final.

A social media user commented that she doesn’t think he has any feelings for Liquorose but is actually using her.

Dr Cherry Official (with the handle drcherryb) on Twitter said as someone who has been in a relationship where the guy faked feelings, she’s sure Emmanuel is doing the same.

She wrote: “OK! Sorry to say this, Dear #EmmaRose shippers, as someone that have been in a relationship where a guy faked feelings for me to trick fans, I just took time to notice #Emmanuel is faking his feelings for #Liquorose. Pretty sure he has a girlfriend out here cos mine did. #BBNaijaShineYaEyes,”


Another user added a similar sentiment: “I have said it over and over again, Emmanuel is the wisest playmaker ever, his attachment to LiquoRose got him this far, else he is the most boring housemate ever but then it’s just a game,”

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Does Emmanuel truly love Liquorose?

The questions being raised by social media users are interesting because fans thought Emma had proven his love for Rose last week.

Big Brother made her prank him by causing a fight but Emmanuel was not himself and kept chasing Liquorose around.

However, some fans still think he’s using her.

What do you personally think?

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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