What is Elizabeth Hirschhorn Job? AirBnB Tenant from Hell Facebook, LinkedIn Plus More

What is Elizabeth Hirschhorn job? The infamous AirBnB tenant from hell has finally been evicted – but what did she do before becoming famous?

If you haven’t heard about Elizabeth Hirschhorn you must be living under some rock.

Tagged the ‘tenant from hell’, she has become a viral sensation due to her refusal to vacate a Brentwood mansion AirBnB guesthouse where she has stayed for close to two years without paying any rent!

The case has become a legal quagmire for the landlord Sascha Jovanovic, who intially rented out the property to her.

On Tuesday, November 7th 2023, there was a development when Hirschhorn finally moved out of the property whilst the legal battle continues.

In the wake of that, numerous social media users are searching for Elizabeth Hirschhorn job, Facebook, LinkedIn, Havard, Airbnb photo etc.

In this article, we present all the available information about this deadly parasite.

Enjoy Elizabeth Hirshchorn Job, Facebook, LinkedIn plus more below…

What is Elizabeth Hirschhorn job?

elizabeth hirschhorn job

The story of Elizabeth Hirschhorn and the manner in which she’s freeloading and attempting to strongarm her landlord to live freely in his property and not pay rent has many people wondering what her actual job is.

If Elizabeth Hirschhorn has a job, why is she trying so hard not to pay rent yet live luxuriously?

Well, we are here to answer your questions and hence, we decided to look into this query.

Based on what we found, Elizabeth Hirschhorn has held many jobs throughout her life.

First off, she’s a graduate of Harvard University and a big fan of litigation as she has many cases spattered all across the United States.

Jobs Elizabeth Hirschhorn has held throughout her life so-far includes being a tv writer, documentary filmmaker and tv producer.

Elizabeth Hirschhorn was a television writer and producer before becoming the “tenant from hell.”

The 55-year-old wrote five episodes of The Osbournes — a hit reality television sitcom following hard rock icon Ozzy Osbourne and his family in their Los Angles home.

According to the Elizabeth Hirschhorn IMDB page, she wrote five episodes of the first season of the Osbournes that aired in 2002.

She is also credited for creating nature documentary series The Living Edens, which ran for five seasons on PBS – and for writing and producing two episodes of a TV miniseries called Family Portraits.

Hirschhorn also produced one episode of PBS documentary series American Masters in 1994.

Aside these credits, Elizabeth Hirschhorn has a really tiny digital footprint, the Los Angeles reports.

She had the bare bones of a Facebook profile and a since de-activated LinkedIn profile – but other than that there is very little to learn about Elizabeth Hirschhorn and any other jobs she might have had.

Instead, what is easy to discover about her is an accumulation of court cases now going viral around the world. 

Elizabeth Hirschhorn Job – Tenant from Hell

Elizabeth Hirschhorn job only became a hot query for one reason – the Harvard graduate’s insane case against her landlord and her refusal to move out of her AirBnB.

So what earned Hirschhorn the moniker with hell attached?

According to the Daily Mail, a Harvard graduate Elizabeth Hirschhorn booked a six-month stay in a luxury guesthouse attached to a $3.5million Brentwood mansion in September 2021 but refused to move out after the period expired – citing Covid-19, ill health and what she said was an illegally built shower.

When landlord Sascha Jovanovic, 61, attempted to evict her, Hirschhorn countersued and demanded $100,000 in ‘relocation costs’ to move.

She has since been staying in the property for a stunning period of over 500 days, refusing to leave or pay rent whilst the legal case makes its way through the courts.

However, a breakthrough in the case occurred on Tuesday, November 7th 2023 which sparked the frantich search for Elizabeth Hirschhorn job.

This was after she was spotted finally moving out of the AirBnB.

According to MailOnline, Hirschhorn was escorted out of Jovanovic’s mansion on Friday by police and lugged several boxes out to a waiting white van with the help of three male friends.

“I’m very relieved and also a bit overwhelmed,” her Dutch landlord Sascha Jovanovic said.

“It was a long time coming but now she is finally out! This weekend is going to be very positive,”

Jovanovic also told News Nation Now that the apartment was in very bad shape.

“There was a lot of flies in the guest house. … There was smell. It was dirty. My first reaction was, ‘Everything has to go or be given to charity,’” Jovanovic said.

The website explained the complexities of the legal case that led to this juncture of Elizabeth Hirschhorn being notorious all over the country to even leave people wondering if she ever had a job!

“Under Los Angeles’ Just Cause law, staying in the unit for six months meant Hirschhorn couldn’t be evicted without legal cause unless Jovanovic paid for her relocation. 

And because Jovanovic extended her contract outside of the Airbnb platform, the company wouldn’t intervene in the dispute, leaving the dispute to be litigated in California courts.

Hirschhorn refused to leave the guesthouse or allow Jovanovic in to repair damages and bring the unit up to code.

While Jovanovic’s case may seem extreme, the reality is squatters have more rights than people think. While trespassing is a crime, squatting isn’t necessarily illegal. 

“And like Hirschhorn and Janovic’s case, many squatters are those who once lived in a property legally, such as former renters,”


Social media users are on the lookout for Elizabeth Hirschhorn Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about her, her job, career, education etc..

However, the tenant from hell has scrubbed her digital footprint, as mentioned earlier, hence the LinkedIn page is no longer available.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Hirschhorn has told Jovanovic through his lawyers that despite moving out, the case is far from over.

Dentist Jovanovic said he contacted Hirschhorn’s attorney over the weekend to suggest canceling an eviction hearing in Santa Monica Monday – only to be told that she considers her move to be ‘temporary’.

Hirschhorn’s lawyer Amanda Seward accused Jovanovic of harassment and jumping the gun for changing the locks on the building.

Seward added: “Ms Hirschhorn had discussed with me concern over the constant harassment and surveillance, and also the desire to get the things repaired that needed to be repaired.

“Subject to my discussions with Ms Hirschhorn, please be advised you have no authority to change the locks or to assume abandonment of the property,”

Elizabeth Hirschhorn AirBnB photo

Airbnb, Inc. is an American San Francisco-based company operating an online marketplace for short- and long-term homestays and experiences.

The company acts as a broker and charges a commission from each booking. 

AirBnB company was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia. 

Airbnb is a shortened version of its original name, AirBedandBreakfast.com. Airbnb is the most well-known company for short-term housing rentals

Elizabeth Hirschhorn, known as the tenant from hell, was an AirBnB tenant who caused a stir by refusing to move out of her rental yet also refusing to pay rent.

Her actions had social media wondering if Elizabeth Hirschhorn ever held a job in her life!

According to reporting, she has ran other similar scams at different times.

Two months before she moved to Brentwood, Hirschhorn was sued by the owners of a multi-million home in Oakland for not paying the legal tenant when she moved in as a sublet tenant. 

She stayed in that home rent-free for more than a year, using COVID regulations and health concerns as justification against eviction.

Hirschhorn also filed a 2019 lawsuit filed against an L.A. couple connected to injuries she said she sustained after a 2017 accident.

The case lingered in the courts until last year, when it was dismissed because she could not prove she had been injured and refused to answer discovery motions. 

The suit states Hirschhorn “wasted the defendants’ and the Court’s time,” and she was ordered to pay court costs. 

During that same time she was being sued by American Express for nonpayment of a nearly $20,000 credit card bill. 

Quite a special case, this one.

Below is a Elizabeth Hirschhorn airbnb photo.

elizabeth hirschhorn airbnb photo

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