Dr Trisha Stratford Wikipedia, Husband – Who Is Dr Trisha Stratford?

Dr Trisha Stratford was a New Zealand renowned clinical neuropsychologist and relationship expert – below is her Wikipedia.

Trish Stratford starred on the popular reality TV show Married At First Sight Australia for seven seasons. 

She was also an avid cyclist who enjoyed exploring the world on two wheels with her partner Roger. 

In this article, we will look at how Dr Trisha Stratford wikipedia, husband, career – who is Dr Trisha Stratford?

Dr Trisha Stratford wikipedia

dr trisha stratford wikipedia
Dr Trisha Stratford (c) Tish Stratford Twitter

Dr Trisha Stratford wikipedia – Trisha was born in New Zealand and had a distinguished career in various fields before becoming a TV personality. 

She worked as a journalist, a documentary producer and director, a corporate trainer, an executive coach, and a researcher. 

She had a PhD in neuroscience and a post-doctoral research in neuropsychotherapy, which is the study of how the brain affects human behaviour and relationships.

Dr Trisha Stratford was passionate about helping people improve their relationships and well-being. 

She wrote two books on the topic: The Magic of Making Up: How to Get Your Ex Back and The Neuroscience of Dating: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Match.

She also ran workshops and seminars on relationship skills and neuroscience for individuals and couples.

TV career

Dr Trisha Stratford joined the Australian version of Married At First Sight (MAFS) as one of the three relationship experts in 2015. 

The show is a social experiment that matches strangers based on their compatibility and personality traits, and then marries them at first sight. 

The couples then go through a series of challenges and tests to see if they can make their marriage work.

Dr Trisha Stratford was responsible for conducting scientific assessments of the participants, such as brain scans, stress tests, and personality questionnaires. 

She also helped match the couples based on their compatibility scores and provided them with guidance and advice throughout the experiment. 

Stratford was known for her calm and compassionate approach to dealing with the participants’ issues and emotions.

MAFS Departure

Dr Trisha Stratford announced her departure from MAFS in 2020, after seven seasons on the show.

She said that she wanted to focus on her writing, research, and neuropsychotherapy.

She also said that she felt uncomfortable with the direction that the show was taking, as it became more sensationalized and dramatic over the years.

Stratford said that she felt sick at some of the dinner parties, where the participants often engaged in heated arguments, insults, and scandals. 

She said that she felt that some of the participants were not there for the right reasons, and that she could not compromise her professional and personal standards. 

Stratford said that she signed up for a social experiment, not a reality TV show.

In 2023, it was announced that Dr Trisha Stratford had died aged 72.

“I’m heartbroken and devastated that my friend and dear colleague Trisha has passed away,” her former co-star John Aiken said.

“We shared an amazing seven seasons of MAFS together. She loved everything New Zealand, relationships, the All Blacks, the Black Caps, French wine and travelling the world. I’ll miss you Tish.

“’Thank you for all the memories,”

The Nine Network which airs the show also said: “We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Dr Trisha Stratford.

“Our sincerest condolences and heartfelt sympathies go out to her family and those closest during this difficult time,”

Other friends, colleagues and co-stars expressed their condolences online.


Dr Trisha Stratford husband
Dr Trisha Stratford and partner Roger (c) Women’s Day magazine

Dr Trisha Stratford wikipedia continues by taking a look at who her husband was.

Dr Stratford met her partner Roger, a New Zealand businessman, in February 2018.

Whilst many presume they are married, they never tied the knot but were dating. Nevertheless, many people think Roger is Dr Trisha Stratford’s husband.

The couple met after they were introduced by a mutual friend who thought they would be a good match and ended up hitting it off right away.

They discovered that they had many things in common, such as their love for travel, wine, and cycling.

They decided to move in together after six months of dating, and bought a house in Auckland. 

Dr Trisha Stratford and her defacto husband also travelled around the world together, visiting places like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Japan, China, Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil. 

They documented their adventures on their social media accounts where they shared photos and videos of their cycling trips.

Aside her presumed husband Roger, Dr Trisha Stratford is survived by a daughter and a granddaughter, who were her pride and joy. 

She will be dearly missed by her family, friends, colleagues, and fans.

Love for Cycling 

Dr Trisha Stratford was an avid cyclist who enjoyed riding her bike for fun and fitness.

She said that cycling was her passion and her therapy. 

Stratford said that cycling helped her cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. She said that cycling gave her a sense of freedom, joy, and adventure.

She also said that cycling strengthened her relationship with Roger. She said that cycling together was a great way to bond and communicate with each other. 

Stratford revealed that cycling taught them how to support each other through challenges and difficulties. She said that cycling made them happier and healthier as a couple.

Due to her qualities, it is no surprise her death has stunned many people who knew her and worked with her.

Her story is an inspiring example of how cycling can enrich one’s life in many ways. 

She showed us how cycling can help us find love, happiness, and health. She also showed us how cycling can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

Dr Trisha Stratford passed away on September 18, 2023, at the age of 72. She left behind a legacy of wisdom, kindness, and generosity. 

May she rest in peace.

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