Who is Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY? Friend of Rainbow Bridge Crash Victims

Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY is an American male, a close friend and neighbor of Kurt and Monica Villani, couple who died in the Rainbow Bridge crossing accident.

The deceased couple, whose pre-thanksgiving crash stunned the entire United States, were formally identified by police Thursday.

The Grand Island couple killed in crash were formally named as Kurt P. Villani, 53, and his wife, Monica Villani, 53, both of Grand Island New York.

Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY is also in the news after being interviewed by the media, alongside his wife Mary, for their perspective on the tragic news.

So in this article, we bring out all the information we have about Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY, his interviews so far and what we know about the deceased couple, Kurt and Monica Villani Grand Island NY.

Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY Recalls Rainbow Bridge crash

chuck meyer grand island ny

Chuck Meyer is an American male who jumped to prominence after the death of his Grand Island NY friends, Kurt and Monica Villani.

The duo, both 52, became household names in America after being involved in the most spectacular of crashes the day before Thanksgiving.

Driving a Bentley at full speed, Kurt and his wife hit a curb and were sent flying into the air before crashing to the ground and exploding in flames.

The extraordinary crash, caught on video, was so fiery that initial reports of an explosion sparked fears of a terrorist incident that was later allayed.

Although initially police did not formally identify the victims, our investigations discovered the couple as Kurt P Villani and Monica Villani of Grand Island NY.

Following their identification, the media has been speaking to friends of the couple, which brings us to Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY.

Chuck spoke to the media about how incredible it was to find out his friends and neighbors had died in such a manner.

“I got home yesterday (Wednesday). I didn’t know anything other than hearing things on the news about the border, and then saw that their driveway was filled up with all these cars,” he told the local outlet on Thursday.

“I thought, ‘Oh, they’re having Christmas or Thanksgiving early, and like, that’s really nice.’ And then about an hour later, heard the news and I’m like, ‘oh my God.’”

The media also spoke to the wife of Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY, Mary, who also gave her side of events.

chuck and mary meyer of grand island ny

“It’s really shock and devastation and it’s just gut wrenching really, really. They were so loved,” Mary Meyer said.

“They were so generous and kind and always willing to help,” she continued about Kurt Villani and his wife Monica. “You know, just plowing everybody’s driveway for the love of it, you know what I mean? 

“Just always willing to help and lend a hand. Always. always, always. They were just so very, kind wonderful people,”

Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY added once more: “Without ever being asked, they would just be giving and gifting, and that’s the type of people we lost.”

Scott Henderson, club treasurer of the Niagra Falls Sailing club, told 2 On Your Side: “Not only were people talking [about the accident], but then I made an announcement, and some people were just incredibly shocked. 

“It’s just not only a younger couple like that, but so ingrained and influential in this community.”

Who is Kurt Villani, friend of Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY 

kurt villani grand island

Kurt P Villani was an American man who died alongside his wife, Monica, in the explosive car crash at Rainbow Bridge near Niagara Falls on the U.S Canada border.

The 56-year-old Kurt Villani is a businessman from a prominent Grand Islands NY family, owners of the business Guis Lumber.

Kurt P. Villani was born to his parents, Kurt M. Villani and Gail Villani in Grand Islands NY.

He is 53 years old.

Kurt was married to his wife, Monica Villani, who sadly died in the car crash with him.

The couple owned several businesses in Western New York including Gui’s Lumber, which Kurt P Villani had inherited from his parents, Kurt and Gail Villani.

Investigators believe Villani had plans to attend a KISS concert in Canada with his wife, but after it was canceled he went to a casino in the US instead. 

Following that he was driving his $300,000 at an extraordinarily high speed towards the Rainbow Crossing on Niagara Falls when things went wrong.

The car hit a curb, flew into the air before plummeting to the ground and exploding!

The driver and passenger, Kurt and Monica both died. A CBP officer also suffered minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital and released.

Daily Mail reported later that Chuck Meyer Grand Island NY friend Kurt Villani possibly suffered a medical emergency whilst behind the wheel of the car, leading to the crash.

“The 56-year-old [Kurt Villani] is thought to have suffered some kind of impairment before hitting a barricade at high speed and flying into the crossing,” the paper said.

However, the New York Times also later claimed there might have been an issue with the car.

The mayor of Niagra Falls, Robert Restaino, also told the New York Times that investigators are eyeing a possible mechanical failure that caused it to accelerate to at least 100 mph before flying over a fence and crashing into a border crossing booth.

Restaino suggested that it was an older model car. However, police told The Buffalo News that it was a 2022 Bentley sedan, which has been valued at around $300,000.

Erin Bronner, a spokeswoman for the American arm of Bentley Motors, told the Times authorities have not yet contacted the automaker about the incident.

Niagara Police Department Superintendent John Faso also cautioned that “Due to the complexity of the incident, the investigation will take some time to complete.”

Monica Villani

Monica Villani Grand Island NY was the wife of Kurt Villani and died with him in the fiery crash at the Rainbow Crossing.

The couple were intending on driving to a KISS concert in Canada, CNN’s John Miller reported, which was later canceled due to a band member suffering from flu.

Miller said there was some speculation the driver, believed to be Kurt Villani from a well-known family in Grand Island NY had a medical issue.

The dramatic crash closed the Rainbow Bridge on the eve of Thanksgiving.

It also sparked fears it was a terrorist attack but the New York Governor allayed those fears.

Asked how they had determined that it was not a terror attack, Hochul said: “No indication based on online threats or anyone taking credit for this – at this time.

“There is no evidence at this time that there was terror activity.

Monica was 53-years old, same as her husband, and both had lived in Grand Island NY alongside neighbors such as Chuck Meyer.

Both Monica and Kurt were also members of the Niagara Falls Sailing Club.

Scott Henderson of the Niagara Falls Sailing Club said that the Villani’s had been hugely generous in helping to rebuild its building following a fire in 2021.

“Without those folks we would have never, never been able to this extent rebuild this beautiful club,” he said.

Grand Island couple killed in crash

A Grand Island NY couple involved in the fiery crash at the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday were identified Friday by police as Kurt P. Villani, 53, and his wife, Monica Villani, 53.

Niagara Falls Police say it will be a very complicated investigation for them to determine the exact cause of the fiery crash that killed the couple. 

The Niagara Falls Police Department’s Crash Management Unit has taken over the investigation after federal agencies, including the FBI, determined that it did not appear to be a terrorist attack.

“Due to the complexity of the incident, the investigation will take some time to complete,” Niagara Falls Police Department Superintendent John Faso said in a statement.

The Crash Management Unit spent Thanksgiving Day trying to reconstruct what happened prior to the previous day’s crash, which eyewitnesses mistook for a plane because of how high the Bentley soared.

The couple stopped briefly at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino before the crash about a mile away.

Witness Mike Guenther told Buffalo television station WGRZ-TV that he was walking near the bridge with his wife when the car, traveling at high speed, struck a fence at the crossing and was catapulted into the air before exploding.

“He was flying, over 100 miles an hour,” said Guenther.

He said the vehicle, which he described as a luxury sedan, was ‘fish-tailing’ out of control before it crashed.

“It was a ball of fire, 30 or 40 feet high, never seen anything like it,” Guenther added.

“He was swerving as he was going down this road here, fishtailing because he was going so fast,” he continued.

“When he hit the fence there was a fire then, but then when he went up again he must have hit the building and there was a big noise and he just shot up in the air and you couldn’t see nothing but smoke.

“We heard a big bang. I said there is no way that guy is going to stop, he is just going too fast.

“All of a sudden he went up in the air and then it was a ball of fire like 30-40 feet high, I have never seen anything like it. It was really incredible,” Guenther concluded.

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