Who is Christian Valdez? Man Arrested for Pushing Girlfriend Onto NYC Subway Tracks

Christian Valdez, 35, is a Brooklyn man who has been arrested after pushing his girlfriend onto subway tracks in Manhattan.

Valdez and the yet-to-be-identified girlfriend, 29, were arguing when he pushed her onto the path of an oncoming train.

She was so badly injured both feet had to be amputated, although her life was saved.

The incident occurred around 10:30 am Saturday.

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Christian Valdez went on the ‘lam’ following the incident but he could not hide for long as he was arrested late Saturday.

The incident

A man pushed his girlfriend onto Manhattan subway tracks in front of an oncoming train, resulting in her losing both of her feet.

christian valdez nyc subway

The woman and her boyfriend were allegedly arguing around 10:30 a.m. when things escalated and he shoved her onto the tracks at Fulton Street station.

A southbound 3 train was pulling into the Fulton Street Station at Chambers Street Saturday when the assailant, identified as career criminal, Christian Valdez, allegedly pushed her on to the tracks, leading to her being hit by the oncoming train and stuck between two cars.

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Medics rushed the unidentified woman to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition. MTA sources said the woman lost both of her feet as a result of the train strike.

Valdez fled the train station after the attack, leaving the woman alone.

However, he was arrested around 8:30pm Saturday.

He’s been charged with attempted murder and felony assault.

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