Who is Charlie Withers? British Chef Goes Viral As Ex-Wife Puts APB Out On Him To Serve Him Divorce Papers

A British chef known as Charlie Withers has gone viral after his ex-wife essentially put an APB out on him via social media.

According to Ashley McGuire, who is the ex-wife in question, her ex-husband Charlie Withers has gone missing, abandoning his family including their two children, one of whom he’s never met.

She’s looking to serve him divorce papers and is therefore using the power of social media to reach out to anyone who knows where he currently his to hit her up.

“I’m really about to test the power of facebook with this one….” Ashley McGuire began her ‘exposé’.

Sharing photos of herself and Withers, she said: “This is my husband, Charles Withers. He loves to be the center of attention but I’m not sure how much he’s going to like this Last year, when I was pregnant with our youngest baby he decided being a husband and a dad wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore and he ghosted, like gone without a trace.

“He has one baby he hasn’t seen in over a year, and one he’s never met. He’s moved somewhere out of state and changed his phone number,”

charlie withers ashley mcguire

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Ashley continued, noting that divorcing someone you cannot find is next to impossible and is now desperate enough to try this social media tactic.

“Divorcing someone who’s completely unreachable is really tough and drawn out, so I’m trying to track him down to get his signature on a few papers so I can finally close this chapter and move on with my life,” she continued.

She added: “I’ve heard he’s going by “Charlie” now. He’s British and charming AF. He’s a chef and probably working in the hospitality industry somewhere. He’s probably never mentioned having a wife or kids back in Massachusetts.

“If you know him, if you’re working with him, if you’re dating him or friends with him, can you please have him get in touch with me or let me know where I can find him,”

The post has gone ballistic on social media, garnering tons and tons of shares as people are intrigued by this style of searching for someone.

After McGuire’s post wen viral, some amateur sleuths claim to have spotted him in Dallas.

And in a new update, Ashley McGuire has revealed that she actually found her husband due to the internet.

She said she now has enough information to track him down, thanked everyone but then said people should not track down Withers themselves for any nefarious purposes.

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