Charleston White Gets Jumped and Beat Up During Comedy Show – Video & Reactions

Charleston White gets jumped and beat up during a comedy show!  Check out the video and all the details about what happened!

A hilarious video going viral on social media depicts how a crowd member of comedian Charleston White jumped him and he gets beat up!

Social media cannot get enough of the video, which shows the moment the comic and a fan got into an altercation.

The video of how Charleston White gets jumped was shared by the Daily Loud on Twitter and received almost a million views as at publication time!

Meanwhile, Say Cheese shared the Charleston White gets beat up video and that also garnered close to two millions views!!

Safe to say the viral moment is grabbing people’s attention hence we have decided to break everything down in this article!

Enjoy Charleston White gets jumped and beat up during comedy show below and enjoy the video as well!!

Charleston White gets jumped 

charleston white gets jumped

During a performance in Crocket, Texas, Charleston White was attacked by a group of men he was mocking on stage.

That video, which was shared online with the caption Charleston White gets jumped is completely going viral as people lose their minds!

Popular X (Twitter) account Daily Loud shared the video with the caption: “Charleston White was jumped at his comedy show 👀,”

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The video shows the famous American Comedian, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Charleston White performing stand-up on stage in Crocket, Texas.

During his set, he started mocking one of the fans in the front row and he didn’t take it lightly.

The gentleman, who was wearing a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey, at a point got onstage!!

That’s where Charleston White gets jumped occurred as he laid into the comic who was also fighting back with fists and any projectile he could land his hand on!!!

Shocking but it really happened that Charleston White gets beat up onstage!

Watch the Charleston White gets jumped video from the Daily Loud below…

Hilarious reactions followed, especially from Twitter users.

“Why do people pay for comedy shows.. sit up front.. then get mad when they get roasted?? 😂😂,” one user said.

“kobe bryant fan slid for his comments,” one X user said.

Another added: “I’m surprised he wasn’t strapped like he always claims he is,”another user said.

A third user said: “All this tough talking on interviews just to end up like this,”

Another shared a meme with the caption: “Charleston White about to sue the club,”

Charleston White is a YouTuber, comedian, and entrepreneur from America. 

He is also a motivational speaker and a youth advocate who runs a program called Hyped about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach. 

He is known for his provocative and controversial online persona, as well as his involvement in some media scandals. Charleston White was also convicted of murder when he was 14 years old, but later changed his life after serving time in a juvenile penitentiary. 

charleston white jumped

He has a YouTube channel called The Real Charleston White, where he posts videos on various topics, such as hip hop, politics, and social issues. 

He has almost 250k subscribers on YouTube. 

Charleston White made headlines in December 2023 after he gets jumped during a show!

Charleston White gets beat up draws reactions

charleston white gets beat up

A video showing the moment Charleston White gets beat up is currently making waves all over social media!

DJ Vlad who runs Vlad TV reposted a video shared by an X (Twitter) user GDP Killz with the caption: “Charleston white gets beat while preforming in Crocket tx @nojumper @Rap @GoinCrazyFights,”

The page Say Cheese also shared the video, and the Charleston White jumped and gets beat up video also trended on Reddit.

Redditors also dropped their hilarious reactions after the Charleston White gets jumped and beat up video was shared to the reddit page, r/Chiraqology.

“The lakers jumped Charleston 😂,” one reddit user said.

“charleston was not effin lying when he said hed use anything he had in a fight 😭😭😭😭😭” another redditor said in reaction to Charleston White gets beat up video.

“Only a matter of time before his mouth writes a check his *zz can’t cash. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” a third redditor added.

“It was only a matter of time 😂,” another redditor said.

As mentioned earlier, Charleston White was involved in a murder case as a juvenile.

According to some sources, Charleston White was charged with capital murder when he was 14 years old for killing a white man during a robbery in Fort Worth, Texas.

He claimed that he acted in self-defense, as the man had a gun and tried to shoot him first. 

He was acquitted of murder, but convicted of aggravated robbery and sentenced to 12 years in a juvenile penitentiary. 

Years before the Charleson White gets jumped and gets beat up video will emerge, he claims he joined the Crips gang while he was in prison, but later left the gang life and became a youth advocate. 

He also said that he regrets his actions and wants to help other young people avoid making the same mistakes, leading him to form the Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach.

The Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach is a program founded by Charleston White, a YouTuber, comedian, and entrepreneur who was convicted of murder as a teenager. 

The program aims to support, mentor, and help young people who are at risk of getting involved in crime, violence, or gangs. 

HYPE stands for Helping Young People Excel, and the program offers various activities, such as workshops, conferences, and community events, to promote diversity, literacy, and self-reliance among the youth. 

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HYPE also advocates for Hyperloop technology, a futuristic mode of transportation that could revolutionize the world. HYPE is based in Fort Worth, Texas, but it also reaches out to other parts of the state and the country.

Charleston White IG and Youtube

what happened to dewberry charleston white

Charleston White IG page appears to have been taken down.

He has a Youtube channel with over 250,000 subscribers.

Charleston White became a comedian and YouTuber after he was released from prison in 1992. 

He said that he used comedy as a way to cope with his past and to make people laugh and that he wanted to use his platform to spread awareness and education about various social issues. 

He started his YouTube channel, The Real Charleston White, in 2018 and gained popularity for his witty and often controversial commentary. 

He has also collaborated with many famous rappers and singers, such as Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Drake. 

He has also appeared in several interviews and podcasts, where he shares his success story and his views on hip hop, politics, and culture. 

He is also the founder and CEO of Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach, a program that helps young people who are at risk of getting involved in crime, violence, or gangs.

Brittany Renner controversy

brittany renner wiki

Being no stranger to controversy, Charleston White had made headlines a few months ago.

Before the Charleston White gets jumped and beaten video went viral, Brittany Renner was making waves with White.

Recently, Brittany was on a podcast with none other than internet provocateur Charleston White, who like Brittany is well known for his controversial nature.

To no one’s surprise, the podcast led to all sorts of antics taking place and practically devolved into some madness.

She got up from her seat, clearly taking the host by surprise

Brittany Renner subsequently gets on top of Charleston White and begins giving him a lap dance. 

White seemed to be pretty happy about the whole thing, although it eventually devolved into a weirder scene. 

Once Renner was done with the dance, she got up and started pouring water on both the host and White. 

Eventually, a producer had to step in to stop her as she was at risk of damaging some of the podcast equipment. 

It was a truly bizarre scene that has went viral on social media and it’s pretty clear Renner was hammered!

Other Brittany Renner controversies include a 2016 episode where she accused Colin Kaepernick of making her pay for her own flights to visit him in San Francisco. 

She claimed that Kaepernick never reimbursed her or treated her well during their relationship and also that he made her abort their child without his support or involvement.

Another of her scandals involved Brittany Renner posting a video on Instagram where she claimed that she had slept with three celebrities in one week – to wit Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, and Chris Brown – and that they were all amazing in bed. 

Renner added that she did not use protection with any of them, and that she was not worried about getting pregnant or catching any diseases. 

In 2019, Brittany Renner once again made headlines for all the wrong reasons when she was accused of being a “gold digger” and a “predator” by some fans of PJ Washington, a basketball player who plays for the Charlotte Hornets. 

Brittany Renner and PJ Washington started dating in 2019, when he was 20 years old and she was 27 years old. 

They announced their engagement in June 2020, and welcomed their son in May 2021. 

However, shortly after the birth of their child, they reportedly broke up, and Brittany Renner allegedly filed for child support. 

Crockett, Texas

The below section is culled from the Wikipedia entry for Crockett, Texas, where the Charleston White gets jumped and gets beat up video was filmed.

Crockett is a city and the county seat of Houston County, Texas, United States. 

As of the 2020 census, the city population was 6,332.

Houston County is the oldest county and Crockett the fifth-oldest city in Texas.

The town was named after Davy Crockett, who had camped nearby on his way to the Alamo; the site was very near the Old San Antonio Road.

Andrew Edwards Gossett, a Texas Revolution soldier from Maury, Tennessee, along with his father and brother, donated the land for the town in 1836, and named it after Crockett, whom they had previously known.

The town was incorporated in 1837, and a post office was granted the following year. Crockett was connected to Nacogdoches by stage service. 

In 1839 raids by the Alabama-Coushatta and Cherokee Indians forced the town’s residents to take shelter in the fortified log courthouse. 

Crockett was a training center for Confederate conscripts during the Civil War.

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