Bobrisky’s Shameless Lying Exposed by Vendor After Flaunting 90k Necklace and Claiming He Bought It N9m

Bobrisky’s shameless lying has been exposed by a vendor after buying a normal necklace and flaunting it as costing N9m.

The vendor who sold him the necklace came out to expose Bobrisky and disgrace him publicly.

Bob flaunted the so-called ‘expensive necklace’ on the gram, revealing it cost him N9m.

Bobrisky's necklace

It was another round of his usual empty bragging.

“Dis is 9million,” Bobrisky wrote.

Netizens refused to believe Bobrisky’s necklace cost that much and contacted the vendor.

After being contacted, the vendor came out to clarify the item actually costs N90,000.

“Please how much for this,” the inquisitive fan asked.

“90k”, the vendor replied.

Check their interaction below…

That was truly embarrassing for Bobrisky! is flabbergasted that in this day and age, these yeyebrities think they can still lie and get away with it!

The internet is wiser now.

Photos of Bobrisky’s Skin Looking Bumpy and Scaly Like A Crocodile Surfaces After Fan Secretly Photographed Him

In related news, a fan exposed Bobrisky’s hard and bumpy face after abruptly bumping into him in Ikeja and sneakily taking photos.

The fan snapped photos of Bobrisky’s real face and shared them online, causing a huge stir.

Bobrisky’s face is hard and scaly in the photos, with multiple razor bumps on his face.

He frankly looked like a crocodile’s skin -scaly and bumpy!

The inquisitive fan shared the photo on social media and exposed the famous crossdresser.


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