Bobrisky’s Lies Exposed After Sending Money To Himself And Claiming It’s From A Fan

Top social media clout chaser, Bobrisky, has been exposed for his heavy lies after sending money to himself and claiming it came from a fan.

Bobrisky, desperate for attention, shared a post claiming to have received N1m from a fan.

The fan apparently sent this money to appreciate Bobrisky’s BEAUTY.

He wrote: “Someone just sent me 1,000,000 here. He said send me your account am sending you money just to appreciate ur BEUTY. He said he didn’t want anything from me thou. Awwww my type of men,”

It didn’t take long for Bobrisky’s ruse to unravel, as netizens took a good look at the alerts he posted.

The money was sent from the account of Okuneye Idris – Bobrisky’s real name!

Essentially, the crossdresser sent money from one account to the other just to brag online!

Bobrisky was heavily trolled following this discovery!


Netizens trolled Bobrisky over this turn of events.

“Her male side send money to her female side nice,” one fan said.

“Bobrisky can lieeeeeeee!,” a second fan said.

“Himself to himself! Awww best in appreciate shimself beauty 🤭🤭,” another fan hilariously added.

Bobrisky is a Nigerian transgender woman and LGBT personality. She is also known for her presence on the social media apps Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.

She has gone viral on TikTok for creating the “bobrisky dance” in 2021.


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