Bobrisky Shocks Social Media As He Sends Comforting Message to Former PA Battling for her Life

Bobrisky has sent a comforting message to his ex-PA Oye Kyme, who is currently alleged to be battling for her life.

News went viral earlier today that Oye Kyme had passed away.

A close friend of hers posted a message on Instagram insinuating that Oye had died after contracting COVID a few days ago.

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She later amended it to claim that she’s only in a coma but not dead.

Either way, it seems she’s sick and in a very bad spot.

Whilst many people are saying that she’s doing all this to chase clout, Bobrisky does not accept that.

He has taken it seriously that Oye is sick and has sent her a message to get well soon.

Bob took to his IG page and wrote: “Oye I wish you quick recovery. Love you regardless,

“Social media users are marvelling because Bobrisky and Oye Kyme have been fighting a deadly battle in recent months.

After years of working together, they split and Oye has been dropping a lot of nasty secrets about Bob.

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Despite that, his kind action to send her love has many social media users giving Bob props for being a kind human being.

Check out his post below…


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