Bobrisky Reveals He’s Also a Huband Snatcher like Mercy Aigbe – Gives Details of his Incoming Husband

Bobrisky has answered Nigerians asking for when he would get married by revealing he’s waiting for his future husband to divorce.

According to Bob, his fiance is married hence they have to wait for him to complete his separation from his wife so they can be together.

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Nigerians have recently been dealing with one husband snatcher, Mercy Aigbe, but Bobrisky has now thrown himself into the mix as a husband snatcher as well.

According to the hilarious cross dresser, he would get married soon so those asking him should relax.

“Many of you asking when are you getting married Bob? The man I love is married but I’m waiting for him to divorce his wife so we can get married. I don’t know how long it will take but very soon.” Bob wrote.

The day Bobrisky can be man enough to marry a man in Nigeria would never be forgotten.

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We live to see…


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