Bobrisky Is A Scary Bald Man Who Sleeps Wearing Wig – Oye Kyme Exposes Bobrisky, Reveals All His Secrets

Social media is currently flooded by deep secrets about Bobrisky! Bob’s for PA, Oye Kyme has exposed him and all his hidden tricks.

In a question and answer time on Instagram, Oye disclosed that Bobrisky is a bald man with a fully grown beard full of pimples.

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According to her, Bobrisky hides under heavy makeup to get that barbie doll look but he’s actually a man.

She noted that Bobrisky has never had surgery to utter his looks but he stays hidden in makeup and accessories to look like a woman.

Oye Kyme went on to reveal that though Bobrisky is a man, he actually likes to date his fellow men adding that he was once in a romantic relationship with Mompha.

Check out all the highlights given by Bobrisky’s PA below;


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