Benin Girls Are Known for Ash.@wo, They Initiate You Into It By Age 14 – Blessing CEO Causes Mega Stir

Blessing CEO has once again caused a stir on social media with a bold claim – that most Benin girls are ash.@wo.

According to the controversial therapist and social media clout chaser, most mothers in Benin initiate their daughters into the practice by age 14.

Blessing CEO said it is very rare to find a mother from Benin who is responsible and gets their daughter not to indulge in ash.@wo.

Watch her below…

Her video sparked furious reactions.

“I am not Edo but very wrong to condem a whole tribe as irresponsible,” one netizen wrote.

“But she come the Lagos to come do the same ash.@wo….. 😂,” a 2nd netizen added.

A third said: “She saying the truth, so many Benin girls are here in this country, and when you ask them, they will tell a madam brought them here to hustle, I feel pity for this innocent girls,”

Finally: “This is soooooo wrong …I am not a Benin girl but grew up in Benin …This assertion is so faulted …Benin girls go to school ,they get educated ,intelligent ,well travelled ,Entrepreneurs etc …how do you generalize…It makes absolutely no sense ….Prostitution is ascribed to every tribe and not just Benin girls …”

Meanwhile, Veteran Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku has become a beggar, asking for help after going broke.

A new video on social media shows the former Nollywood star practically begging for alms.

According to him, he’s done a lot for Nigeria and should be rewarded.

He provided his bank account for alms to be sent to.


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