Big Brother Titans Nominations Week 1 – How The Housemates Voted As Nana And Justin Top

The Big Brother Titans show has already gotten down to the business of nominations about 24 hours after it started on January 15, 2023.

In the evening of January 16, 2023, not long after they played their Head of House games, the 20 housemates were told to nominate two of their colleagues for possible eviction.

They all entered the diary room one at a time to mention two of their colleagues that could possibly be going home during the next live show.

Interestingly, some housemates’ names emerged more than others including Nigerian star, Nana and South African star, Justin.

See how they voted below…

Big Brother Titans Nominations Week 1

Ipeleng : Jenni O and Olivia

Blaqboi: Yemi Cregx, Yaya

Yaya – Nana and Blaqboi

Ebubu – Justin, Nana

Nelisa: Khosi, Nana

Marvin: Justin, Khosi

Yemi Cregx: Olivia, Nana

Khosi: Jaypee, Jenni O

Kanaga Jnr: Olivia, Lukay

Tsasii: Nana, Lukay

Olivia: Khosi, Yemi Cregx

Justin: Nelisa, Nana

Jaypee: Yemi Cregx, Khosi

Thabang: Justin, Nana

Yvonne: Marvin, Tsasii

Lukay: Olivia, Justin

Nana: Yemi Cregx, Jaypee

Juicy Jay: Nana, Justin

Jenni O: Khosi, Tsasii

Mmeli: Nana, Kanaga Jnr

Number of nominations per housemate

Ipeleng – 0 Blaqboi – 1 Yaya – 1 Ebubu – 0 Nelisa – 1 Marvin – 1 Yemi Cregx – 4 Khosi – 4 Kanaga Jnr – 1 Tsasi – 2 Olivia – 4 Justin – 5 Jaypee – 2 Thabang – 0 Yvonne – 0 Lukay – 2 Nana – 9 Juicy Jay – 0 Jenni O – 2

After the nominations were concluded, Big Brother explained that those up for nomination will not be named and all the housemates should prepare for eviction during the next live show.

Mmeli becomes the first BBTitans Head of House.

The Big Brother Titans show kicked off on a great note and the 20 Nigerian and South African housemates had their first ever Head of House games on January 16.

In usual Big Brother fashion, the housemates were told to move to the arena for the games and were given instructions on how it would be played.

Mmeli eventually emerged as the first Head of House and was made to pick a female housemate as his guest.


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