Bella BBNaija Biography, Age, Brother, Parents, Net Worth, Bella and Sheggz

Bella Okagbue aka Bella BBNaija is a contestant on Season 7 of Big Brother Naija: Level UP, a Nigerian reality star and influencer.

She joined the house as part of the second group of contestants let into the house by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the second launch show on July 24th 2022.

Unlike previous years, BB Naija has two levels this year – two houses containing twelve contestants each.

The first group of contestants entered their house on the first launch show on July 23rd 2022 with the second group joining on Sunday, July 24th.

Bella was the first housemate to join Level 1, the second group of housemates.

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She has already carved a niche for herself on the show with her haughty personality and brewing love triangle with fellow housemate Sheggz.

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Bella BBNaija Biography

Bella BBNaija biography

Bella Okagbue, also known as Bella BBNaija, is a Nigerian reality television star, influencer and content creator known for appearing on the seventh season of BB Naija.

She was born Chidimma Esther Okagbue to H.R.H Obi Ofala Okechukwu Okagbue and Ogechukwu Clara Okagbue on the 31st of May, 1997.

The reality tv star hails from a family of eight- six siblings and two parents. She’s the last born.

She has two popular siblings – Nollywood actor and reality star Chris Okagbue and Sandra Okagbue, baby mama of musician Flavour.


Bella rose to nationwide prominence after enrolling on the seventh season of Big Brother, BBNaija Level Up in 2022.

Bella Okagbue

The reality tv star is a driven person as she hails from a popular family and has siblings who are already popular in Nigeria.

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According to Bella, she enrolled in BBNaija to become famous all over Nigeria and never have to introduce herself ever again.

“I do not ever want to introduce myself, I want to walk into a room and be recognised. I love a life of comfort and intentional happiness,” she said in her BBNaija official profile.

Bella describes herself as fearless and blunt and that is bound to offend people in the house.

“My bluntness. I am fearless, so I don’t sugar-coat my words. I tell it like it is, and people hate to hear the truth,” she said.

Another personality trait of Bella is she likes hanging out with guys more than girls. She said girly relationships always lead to jealousy and gossip.

Bella is in BBNaija to win and nothing else.

Prior to joining the house, Bella was an Instagram brand influencer.

She was known for travelling all over the world and sharing photos from those exotic locations to her Instagram feed.

Bella loves travelling, swimming, photography and making new connections.


Bella BBNaija age

How old is Bella BBNaija? Born May 31 1997, Bella is 25 years old.


Bella BBNaija hails from a royal family in Anambra State.

Her family comes from Onitsha in Anambra State. She is an Igbo by tribe and Christian by religion.

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Her father, the late H.R.H Obi Ofala Okechukwu Okagbue, was a traditional ruler, serving as the Oba of Onitsha.

bella bbnaija father

As mentioned earlier, she also has two siblings who are already known all over Nigeria and Bella is hell-bent on following in their footsteps.


Bella BBNaija is the brother of Chris Okagbue, popular Nollywood actor and winner of Gulder Ultimate Search Season 8.

Bella BBnaija brother
Chris Okagbue

Chris Okagbue is the older brother of Bella.

Her elder sister is Sandra Okagbue, a model, former beauty queen and the baby mama of singer Flavour.

Sandra Okagbue
Sandra Okagbue

Net Worth

bella bbnaija net worth

Bella BBNaija’s net worth is $15,000.

Bella and Sheggz

bella and sheggz

The BBNaija: Level UP season has so far seen few romances budding as it is in its early stages, but one of the first ones germinating is Bella and Sheggz.

Bella and Sheggz have been drawn to each other since entering the house and their behaviour already indicates this is a ship that is ready to sail.

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Nigerians are invested in the relationship as the couple often trend together – but as things change quickly in the house no one knows how this will end.

For the moment, we watch and enjoy and see what comes of this situationship!

Bella BBNaija Instagram

Bella was very active on Instagram even before joining BBNaija.

She has over 50k followers on the platform.

Her handle is @bellaokagbue.

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