BBTitans Nominations Week 4 – How The Housemates Voted As Yemi And Nelisa Up AGAIN

The BBTitans Nominations week 4 show has just been held and once again, several housemates are at risk of eviction come Sunday!

Another exciting week has passed in the Big Brother Titans house! The housemates were excited after winning their wager – they had fun at the pool party and Thabang won the Friday night arena game.

Things came to a climax Sunday when the live eviction show was held and the team of LUKAY – Jaypee and Lukay – were evicted.

Following on from that, the live nomination show for week 4 followed on Monday as per tradition.

Prior to that, the head of House of Games was held which was won by the ROYALS – Ebubu and Tsatsii – adding its own twist to the nominations later.

As happens every Monday, Big Brother called one housemate to the diary room to nominate two pairs of housemates on behalf of his own pair.

Who Is Up For Eviction BBTitans Week 4

One housemate was called into the diary room by Big Brother to nominate two pairs of housemates for eviction.

As Heads of House, Ebubu and Tsatsii were not eligible for eviction.

Below is how each housemate pair voted. The housemate who voted for their pair is in bold.

Nelisa and Yemi – Olivia & Juicy Jay and Jenni O & Mmeli

Yvonne and Justin – Kanaga Jnr & Blue Aiva and Khosi & Miracle

Nana and Thabang – Yemi & Nelisa and Marvin & Yaya

Blue Aiva and Kanaga – Khosi & Miracle and Thabang & Nana

Ipeleng and Blaqboi – Khosi & Miracle and Justin & Yvonne

Miracle and Khosi – Jenni O & Mmeli and Blaqboi & Ipeleng

Mmeli and Jenni O – Khosi & Miracle and Yemi & Nelisa

Juicy Jay and Olivia – Kanaga Jnr & Blue Aiva and Blaqboi & Ipeleng

Marvin and Yaya – Jenni O & Mmeli and Thabang & Nana

Tsatsii and Ebubu – Juicy Jay & Olivia and Yemi & Nelisa

Following the live nominations show, the following pairs were all nominated at least once.

Below are their nomination totals.

Olivia & Juicy Jay //

Jenni O & Mmeli ///

Kanaga Jnr & Blue Aiva //

Khosi & Miracle ////

Yemi & Nelisa ///

Marvin & Yaya /

Thabang & Nana //

Justin & Yvonne /

Blaqboi & Ipeleng //

Number of Nomination

Khosi & Miracle – 4

Yemi & Nelisa – 3

Jenni O & Mmeli 3

Olivia & Juicy Jay 2

Kanaga Jnr & Blue Aiva 2

Blaqboi & Ipeleng 2

Thabang & Nana 2

Marvin & Yaya 1

Justin & Yvonne 1

BBTitans Nominations Week 4 – Housemates Up For Eviction

After tallying up the nominations, Big Brother announced the housemates with the most votes.

Big Brother named Khosi and Miracle, Thabang and Nana, Blaqboi and Ipeleng, Yemi and Nelissa, Jennie O and MmeLi, Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva and Juicy Jay and Olivia as the housemates with the most nominations for week 4.

However, Heads of House the ROYALS – Ebubu and Tsatsii used their veto power to save Blaqleng and replaced them with Juvonne.

Hence, the final BBTitans nominations week 4 housemates up for eviction are Khosi and Miracle, Thabang and Nana, Yemi and Nelissa, Jennie O and MmeLi, Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva and Juicy Jay and Olivia and Justin and Yvonne.

BBTitans Week 4 – The ROYALS Win Head of House Games

ebubu tsatsii head of house

The heads of house games for week 4 ended with the team of …

After three intense rounds of competition, the emerged victorious and gained the title of co-heads of house.

For this week, Big Brother brought a twist in that one housemate had to play the game, representing their team.

However, in all three rounds, at least one housemate must represent their team.

After the first round, the pairs of Maya, Juovla, Blaqleng an the ROYALS qualified to the next round.

Juvonne – Justin and Yvonne – were disqualified for breaking the rules.

After the second round of competition, the pairings of the ROYALS and MAYA made it to the final round.

The final round was a tight affair in which Yaya and Tsatsii – who represented their teams – had to solve a puzzle arranging numbers from 1 to 25.

Yaya finished first and took her seat, but Big Brother sent her back into the fray over some mistakes she had made.

Despite spending a lot of time looking at the puzzle, she could never figure out where she went wrong, allowing Tsatsii to eventually finish hers and the ROYALS to be declared victors!

That gave them immunity from eviction this week and also allowed them to save one nominated pair of housemates with the power of save and replace


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