Ayobiyi Cook – Nigerian Woman Shot and Killed By Her 12-Year-Old Son In America

Ayobiyi Cook, a Nigerian woman in the United States of America has sadly died after being shot by her own son in a tragic accident.

Cook’s 12-year-old son accidentally shot her after finding a gun in their home in Forestdale, Alabama in the United States.

29-year-old Cook died from the shooting which occurred at midnight Saturday, August 6th 2022.

Police received a 911 call just after midnight Saturday to Ayobiyi’s Forestdale home.

They found her dead when they got to the scene.

The deceased’s son initially lied about what happened, telling police an unidentified man carried out the shooting.

“On Saturday August 6, 2022 at 12:10am Jefferson County Deputies received a 911 call for help at a residence in the 2400 block of Freemont Avenue in the Forestdale community. 

“Deputies arrived and found a 29-year-old woman deceased on the scene. 

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There appeared to be no forced entry into the home and a man was seen fleeing from the residence shortly before the 911 call was made, an initial statement from the police read.

Detectives say their initial investigations quickly ruled out that claim.

In an updated statement, they found the boy fabricated the man fleeing from the scene comment and confessed to accidentally killing his mother.

“The child originally fabricated a story that detectives determined was not possible. The child eventually gave a true account of what happened,” the updated statement read.

Police added that the child would be taken through the family court system, although he will remain with his family for now.

“Evidence on the scene supports that the shooting was unintentional and the offense will be addressed through the Family Court system.

The family has been cooperative throughout the process and the child will remain with them,” the statement added.

Who Is Ayobiyi Cook?

ayobiyi cook

Ayobiyi Cook is a Nigerian woman in the United States of America who was shot dead by her 12-year-old son on August 6th 2022.

She was 29 years old.

Cook was accidentally shot by her son.

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A 911 call quickly saw police dispatched to her house but they found her dead on the scene.

May she rest in peace.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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