Audio Drops As Maid Exposes Suleman For Grooming And Sl**ping With Her – Drops Incriminating Screenshot Of Their Chats

Gistlovers blog dropped new incriminating information against Apostle Johnson Suleman as a former maid confessed he kn*cked her.

An audio of the maid discussing her sessions with Suleman with her boyfriend has been released by the blogger.

Chats of alleged messages between the girl and the preacher were also released in the latest blockbuster expose by the faceless blogger.

The audio sees the girl talking with her boyfriend about Apostle Suleman asking her to come up to his room for s*x.

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She revealed how after he called her up she had to wait because there was someone on the stairs who could see her entering his room.

Apostle Suleman maid

She also said that the preacher told her he wants something to do with her.

Chats back up all these that the blogger exposed.

“Here is a voice note of the househelp confiding in her boyfriend and telling him what Apostle Suleman did, for inside FFK and Apostle Suleman I no sabi who sleep with househelp pass,” the blogger wrote.

After the househelp told her boyfriend what Suleman is planning, he asked her to screenshot their chats together and send them to him.

The girl sounded hesitant but eventually relented and sent the screenshots which probably is how they were released.

Gistlover added that Suleman’s wife, Lizzy, is aware of everything that happens in the church with the pastor sleeping around.

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“Everything Sule does the wife is aware of all, this Martha that is talking now was employed by Lizzy, Sule wife. She knows all what’s going on and they both agreed to it, she herself isn’t a saint , she na technical group boys for church she dey run after, small small boys,” the blogger added.

Listen to the audio below of the maid exposing Apostle Suleman and check out screenshots of their chat beneath it…


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