Audio Billionaire Blessing Okoro Flaunts New 12-Room Office Duplex in Lekki After Completing her 800m Naira Mansion – Video

It looks like so much money is floating around Nigeria but only a few lucky ones can access it.

Blessing Okoro has just revealed she has acquired a new 12-room office duplex in Lekki.

According to her, this building would be used as a therapy lounge for her business.

The building also contains other facilities such as a women’s salon and many others – it’s a 12-room facility after all!

Okoro was dancing up and down, all excited to show off her new office.

She posted it on Instagram and wrote: “My Lagos office project 12 bedroom mansion in lekki @breakormakeups @break_or_makeup_datingsite Launching soon lover.

“Many of you don’t know what a therapy lounge looks like, therapy is one of the most underrated in Africa .. watch the space,”

Watch her video below…

Blessing is posting her new 12-room Lekki office just a couple of days after gifting herself the mansion she’s always been talking about.

According to her, the mansion cost 500m naira to build and would be furnished with 300m naira.

After being busted for faking ownership of a house all those years ago, Blessing is going in hard to show the properties she’s flaunting these days are truly hers!

However, if you listen to others, it’s still an audio house!

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