Asha Daniels Wiki, Career, Instagram – All About Designer Who Sued Lizzo

Asha Daniels is an American wardrobe stylist primarily known for suing Lizzo over witnessing alleged racist and fatphobic behaviour on her tour.

Born Asha Ama Daniels, she grabbed headlines in September 2023 after the announcement of her lawsuit against Lizzo.

Asha Daniels claims Lizzo condones a s*xualized, racially charged and illegal work environment. 

The suit alleges that Lizzo allowed her management team to express racist and fatphobic comments, mock Black women, deny workers medical care and forced Daniels to endure degrading s*xual harassment – all according to ET.

This has drummed up interest in the Cincinnati, Ohio native and former Project Runway contestant.

In this article we present Asha Daniels wiki, career, Instagram, Lizzo lawsuit etc.

Asha Daniels Wiki

asha daniels wiki

Asha Ama Bias-Daniels is an American fashion designer and wardrobe stylist popularly known for suing rapper Lizzo over condoning a racist work environment.

Daniels was born and raised in the Queen City of Cincinnati Ohio. She appears to have an African background with her middle name Ama indicative of Ghanaian ancestry or origins.

Asha Daniels attended the Saint Ursula Academy in Ohio on an academic scholarship, according to her LinkedIn account. She graduated with full honors.

She followed that up by enrolling at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, majoring in Architecture, Art, & Planning. Daniels joined the school in 2008 and passed out in 2013, graduating Magma Cum Laude.

Daniels exclusively worked in fashion after her graduation as can be expected.

Her positions include

  • Lead Fashion Designer at Swift LLC
  • Couture Fashion Design Co-op at Marchesa
  • Fashion Designer at Project Runway: Under the Gunn
  • Fashion Designer at Project Runway All Stars
  • and finally, starting her own company as Fashion Designer and Owner at Asha Ama

Asha Daniels has been running her own company Asha Ama since 2016 and has within that period worked with among others: Zendaya, Little Big Town and Lizzo.

As her work experiences also shows, she’s had stints on TV on Project Runway. Daniels’ work has adorned the halls of the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), the Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM), & the Taft Museum of Art.

In September 2023, Asha Daniels filed a lawsuit against Lizzo.

According to Daniels, Amanda Nomura, one of Lizzo’s top tour employees, contacted her earlier this year to work with her.

“They needed two sets of costumes one-and-a-half weeks before the [first] show of their tour, which was insane, and I was able to make sure that happened with the team I was working with,” she told ET.

“Then they ordered another set of two costumes in a color wave…”

She claims throughout her employment with Lizzo, she was forced to hear “racist and fatphobic comments from Nomura,” while witnessing her “mock both Lizzo and Lizzo’s background dancers on multiple occasions.”

She also claims she was forced to work unconscionable hours.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. 

Daniels is suing Lizzo, her production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT), wardrobe manager Amanda Nomura, and tour manager Carlina Gugliotta.

Asha Daniels Biography

On her website, Asha Daniels maintains a profile of herself which reads…

Asha Ama Bias-Daniels is a fashion designer & artist born and raised in the Queen City- Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Her work is inspired by the female form and celebrates duality with soft, rhythmic draping against pieces with an armoured feel. 

She incorporates ornate detailing, print mixing, strong lines, & cut outs that accentuate the curves of the immaculate female form.  

As a couture designer, Asha has created pieces for a diverse range of artists from Zendaya to Little Big Town. 

Asha has worked the full range of the fashion industry from corporate to couture design- designing the showpiece of Marchesa’s couture bridal collection and custom pieces for Lizzo’s Special tour. Asha competed as a finalist on Tim Gunn’s Project Runway: Under the Gunn. 

She was also invited back to compete on the hit show Project Runway All Stars. Her work has adorned the halls of the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), the Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM), & the Taft Museum of Art.

As a Black woman, Asha often found herself misunderstood, stereotyped, and misidentified. 

She was able to navigate the fashion world and survive because she was raised with a great knowledge of self that she tries to impart to others through her designs. 

Asha has always had a heart for mentoring & education- it is her core belief that it is her duty to pull others up while finding her way.

Asha Daniels accolades and awards include:

  • Asha Ama Bias-Daniels Day – April 14th 
  • 2022 ArtsWave Truth & Reconciliation commissioned Artist 
  • 2022 Queen’s Village Through Her Eyes Artist 
  • 2021 TaFt Museum of Art Duncanson Artist in Residence 
  • Urban League Young Professionals Affirmed Honoree 
  • UC National Women’s History Month Honoree 
  • St. Ursula Academy Outstanding Alumni


Asha Ama Daniels Instagram

Asha Daniels is on Instagram @asha_ama

She has just over 4,000 followers on the platform and has posted about her lawsuit against Lizzo.

“As a Black woman in this industry, I’ve been in toxic work situations nothing that compares to this at all – but something that sticks out to me is, before I decided to go on tour, I almost sent one of my interns to go in [my place]… but when I look back on my 20-something-year-old self, I used to take abuse in the workplace, and I would just keep my head down and keep working,” Daniels said in support of her lawsuit.

“This is for us to start having this conversation that Black women deserve equality, [and] we deserve to be treated well in the workplace … I want Black women to just be able to be great and work hard and not be treated poorly,” she continued.

She adds about the dancers who sued Lizzo last month with similar allegations: “”Not only do they deserve for me to stand up for them, but I also deserve to stand up for myself,” she said. “Twenty-five-year-old Asha deserves someone to stand up for her.

“Black women deserve to work in spaces where we feel safe, where we aren’t being harassed, where we aren’t being sexualized,” she said.

“We’re allowed to just be great and work hard, and be treated the way that everyone else is allowed to be treated.”

Daniels appears to be lesbian, as she’s posted images with her ‘lover’ on Instagram.

Asha Daniels Lizzo Lawsuit details

Asha Daniels gives vivid details of the alleged abuse she suffered working for Lizzo in her lawsuit.

For instance, Asha Daniels said she and other crew members experienced angry threats of physical harm from Amanda Nomura, who would allegedly say that she would “kill a b**ch” and “stab a b**ch” when she couldn’t find her medication.

She claims to have witnessed Nomura shoving a crew member who had threatened to quit. 

“Nomura expressed that she would ‘kill a b**ch if it came down to it’ if anyone threatened her job,” the complaint claims. 

“Lizzo’s management was well aware of this pattern of behavior. Carlina Gugliotta… even requested Plaintiff to record Nomura without her knowledge, which Plaintiff did not do as it was both unethical and possibly unlawful,” portions of the lawsuit reads.

Daniels claims she was forced to endure s*xual harassment by Lizzo’s management and pointed as an example a group text with more than 30 members of the BGBT team that allegedly included “graphic” and “disturbing” images of male genitalia. 

She said rather than being distressed, Lizzo’s management “found the image to be comical, further encouraging an unsafe, s*xually charged workplace culture.”

Asha Daniels also spoke of the insane demands on her and her team which forced them to work near 24 hours around the clock and being refused breaks.

“They needed two sets of costumes one-and-a-half weeks before the [first] show of their tour, which was insane, and I was able to make sure that happened with the team I was working with,” she shares. 

“Then they ordered another set of two costumes in a color wave, and from there,”

Asha Daniels told ET that when she was contacted by Amanda Nomura to join Lizzo’s tour she was immensely excited and disappointed at how things have turned out.

“I thought, you know, this is an amazing opportunity. I really love Lizzo’s message as a Black woman and as a performer, and this is a great opportunity to work with someone whose values are in line with mine,” she recalled on how she felt at the time.


The below section is culed from the Wikipedia entry for Lizzo.

Melissa Viviane Jefferson was born on April 27, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan.

When she was ten, her family relocated to Houston, Texas.

She was classically trained as a flutist by Claudia Momen for eight years, from the age of ten until she graduated from Alief Elsik High School in 2006, where she had started rapping.

At age 14, she formed a musical group called Cornrow Clique with her friends.

At this time, she acquired the nickname “Lizzo”, a variant of “Lissa”, inspired by Jay-Z’s “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”

In college, she studied classical music, concentrating on flute, at the University of Houston. 

At age 21, after her father’s death, she lived out of her car for a year as she tried to break into the music industry.

She dropped out of college and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2011.

Lizzo attained mainstream success with the release of her third studio album, Cuz I Love You (2019), which peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200. 

The album spawned the singles “Juice” and “Tempo”. The deluxe version of the album included Lizzo’s 2017 single “Truth Hurts”, which became a viral sleeper hit two years after its initial release. 

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