Who is Asa Blanton? Indiana State University Nursing Student Goes Viral After Racist Tirade

Asa Blanton has been identified as a nursing student at Indiana State University who made racist remarks against black people.

Asa Blanton in a video released to Tiktok was not happy that singer Beyonce had released a country music album.

She therefore decided to explain once and for all why Black people are not part of the ‘country’.

She said: ” I’m sorry if you’re black, you’re not country. I don’t care, and I wish I meant that in the nicest way. Babe, I know you were raised in the country, or your grandparents were, I guess,”

She continued: “Your great grannies and grandpas, but they was picking, they wasn’t planting. Just keep that in mind. They wasn’t making money, they were getting sold for money. You ain’t country,”

Asa’s racist rant sparked off a fireball on social media as many people called for her to be sacked from the university and a myriad of other consequences.

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“Woke up and saw this…. And people ask why did I leave the US…. HERES A MAJOR REASON …people like her (Asa Blanton) and this is over a music record. 🤦🏾‍♀️ AND SHES STUDYING TO BE A NURSE,” one post on Facebook said.

“Chiiillle! Asa Blanton will be crying privileged tears for some time now because they are wearing her out on Tik Tok! Not just black people either!

“The scariest part of it all is that she is this prejudice and wants to be a nurse! Just imagine how many prejudiced people who service people they hate because of color and don’t have a video!” another post said.

According to the Indiana Statesman, students held a protest against the video on April 8th, calling for drastic consequences for Blanton for her hate speech.

The Indiana State University also reacted to the incident, releasing a statement signed by President Deborah J. Curtis.

The statement said as soon as the University became aware of the video, it worked “to identify the student, communicate directly with student leaders, and strategize how to prioritize well-being and safety.”

It continued: “Racism, hate speech and discrimination of any kind is deplorable and in direct contradiction of Indiana State’s mission, vision and values.

“The student’s comments in the video in no way represent the ideals and goals of Indiana State University. We are appalled by the sentiments expressed in the video and condemn those comments in the strongest terms,”

In regards to actions being taken against Asa, the University reiterated its commitment to “the privacy of students and due process” and said actions taken by the University and its employees cannot be shared by Federal Law.

To marginalized groups, Deborah J. Curtis said: “We hear you, we see you, we support you. We have been and will continue to work for you,”

Regardless of the statement, the ISU’s Black Alumni Network released a statement, describing the University’s response as disheartening.

“Such a response is a slap in the face to every student, alumni, faculty and staff member who looks to ISU to uphold principles of inclusivity, respect, and dignity for all,” it said.

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