Anita Okoye and Boyfriend Allegedly Living Together In Utah Before She Filed for Divorce

Anita Okoye is alleged to have been living in the U.S state of Utah with her own boyfriend before filing for divorce.

This Paul Okoye divorce has more twists and turns than a Formula 1 track.

On Tuesday, we reported hot gist that Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy had allegedly impregnated Anita Okoye’s maid.

That action is allegedly what sparked their divorce.

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However as with every story there are two sides to it.

We are now being told Paul Okoye’s side of the story and apparently, his wife has been doing her own things in the U.S.

New rumours allege Anita Okoye has a boyfriend in the United States who she’s living with despite being married.

She is also alleged to have been starving Paul s8xualy for months now.

Read her full alleged sins below…

Anita Okoye White Boyfriend

anita okoye boyfriend

Anita Okoye unveiled her alleged white boyfriend to the public in December 2022 after the couple finalised their divorce.

The white man she was allegedly dating in Utah whilst still married was spotted in a video with Anita.

Anita and her white man were spotted kissing in the video.

Watch below…

Paul and Anita Okoye finalise divorce

Rudeboy Paul Okoye and his wife Anita finally got divorced in October 2022 by an an Abuja High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Maitama.

Anita filed from divorce from Paul citing five main factors: infidelity, a fake separation, being an absent parent, fraud, and other challenging situations.

She requested a monthly settlement of $20,000 and a number of her husband’s properties.

Anita withdrew her claims at the hearing, opting to settle following her alleged inability to prove her claims in court.

The court, also granted joint custody of the children to the parties on October 20, 2022.

Anita would not receive financial compensation in form of alimony or settlement.


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