What Is Angelica Ross Birth Name, Transgender Journey?

What is Angelica Ross birth name? Is Angelica Ross transgender? Read this article to discover her birth name and transgender journey.

Angelica Ross is an American actress, businesswoman, and transgender rights advocate. 

A self-taught computer programmer, Ross is the founder and CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises, a firm that helps employ transgender people in the tech industry.

Angelica Ross is popular for her role in several movies including tv series including Her Story (2016), Pose (2018–2021) and the anthology horror series American Horror Story (2019–present).

Angelica Ross is a transgender woman, meaning she was born male and transitioned to female.

In this article, we look at the transgender journey of Angelica Ross and try to unravel the mystery behind her hidden birth name.

Angelica Ross birth name

Angelica Ross birth name

Right out of the gate, the fact is that Angelica Ross birth name is hidden. The actress has gone to great lengths to keep that secret from the public.

In looking for Angelica Ross birth name, we scoured several sources on the web including interviews and other articles.

We could find only two references from Angelica Ross herself talking about her birth name in which she admitted changing it following some challenging periods in her life and starting her transition, and also objecting to co-workers using it to call her.

In both instances, however, she deliberately ensured that she did not mention the name.

Check out these excerpts from a SELF article in which Angelica Ross talked about her brutal life history – and her birth name.

The excerpt reads…”Discrimination is a part of any trans person’s life. Ninety percent of us report workplace harassment or mistreatment and nearly half of us have been fired from, or passed over for, jobs because of our gender identity, according to a recent study,” Angelica writes.

“Trans people of color, in particular, are up to four times more likely to be unemployed than the general population. I can definitely attest to this. 

“I was fired from almost every job I’d ever had. I managed a makeup counter at a mall, but once my co-workers found out that I was trans, they complained about me using the women’s bathroom and I was let go,”

And now the crucial part, Angelica Ross writes about her birth name – “Later, I worked as a waitress, but after I objected to the harassment I was getting in the kitchen and to being called by my male birth name, I got fired from that job, too,”

In another excerpt, she wrote about her discharge from the military – “When I got back to the States, I had no money, education or support, but I did have a clearer understanding of who I really was. 

“Soon after, I started my transition. I changed my name to Angelica, got a Whitney Houston-style weave in my hair and whenever I could afford it, I’d buy black-market hormones from friends,”

Those were the references of Angelica Ross to her birth name that we could find but in neither case did she mention the actual name – even Wikipedia doesn’t have that information in their article.

We can say it looks deliberate on Angelica Ross part to keep her birth name out of the public eye.

Is Angelica Ross transgender?

Aside her birth name, another thing most people are searching for is trying to find out if Angelica Ross is transgender.

This one is easier – yes, Angelica Ross is transgender.

As the brouhaha over her birth name shows, Angelica Ross was born a male and transitioned to a female over the course of her life.

Once again we turn to her SELF article where she speaks a lot about what she went through growing up as a male who had feminine tendencies. 

In fact, Angelica Ross initially thought she was gay before actually realising she was trans.

“Growing up in Racine, Wisconsin, I always knew I was different, but I never had a word for it. I sang in the church choir, played piano and acted in local theater. At home, I’d drape blankets over my shoulders as if I was wearing haute couture gowns,”  Ross wrote.

“By eighth grade, the kids in school pegged me as “too feminine” and were picking on me for it. They thought I was gay, and honestly at the time, so did I,”

According to her, her parents sent her to a therapist who confirmed she was gay.

When her mother found out, she told Ross to commit suicide or she (her mother) would kill herself because she cannot have such a son.

Angelica attempted suicide but eventually survived, after which she joined the Navy.

In the Navy, Ross was bullied once more due to being gay. She narrated an incident where a fellow soldier who was probably gay himself, attacked her.

“One night, a friend invited me to a party in the barracks. After I arrived, I remember hearing a “click.” He’d locked the door behind us. There, in the room, were about 15 enlisted guys and girls, all with beers in hand, and they sat me down in a chair and started asking me questions. 

.”…One guy grabbed me by the shirt and said, “Admit you’re gay or I’m going to punch you in the face right now!” So, I did. Then he said, “Why do gay men hit on me if I’m not gay?” I said, “I don’t know.” 

“Then he grabbed me, flipped me upside and hung me out of the third-story window, yelling over and over again, “But I’m not gay!” I was staring at the trees below me, sobbing and yelling, “No, you’re not gay!” When he pulled me back inside, I ran straight for the door,”

After this incident, Ross received a discharge from the Navy. 

Following the navy discharge, Ross held many jobs but none lasted.

Eventually, she taught herself how to code and design and started TransTech Social Enterprises, a web development training academy and graphic design firm, which offers apprenticeships to trans people with drive but no skills.

So yes, if you’re still wondering, Angelica Ross is a transwoman, although she kinda guards her birth name.

Angelica Ross and Emma Roberts

Angelica Ross Emma Roberts

Angelica Ross has been in the news a bit recently due to several controversies.

In one instant, she accused Ryan Murphy, showrunner of American Horror Stor and Pose, both of which she appeared in, of ghosting her about a season of AHS starring Black women.

She shared on Twitter shared purported screenshots of an email conversation with Murphy from July 3, 2020, in which he says he’s going forward with her idea for a season of AHS starring Black women.

“Remember your idea about a HORROR season starring black women? Well I’m doing it. Not sure of the story yet, but we will start a writers room in the fall,” his purported email reads.

She also shared her emailed response and later explained how he ghosted her.

“After not hearing back. After sending flowers and no response I sent one last email in Feb 2022 (it took about a year to film Season 10 due to COVID) while still contractually in first position with the show. Mind you, marvel had called twice now. I haven’t heard from him since.” Ross wrote.

In another post, Angelica Ross called out Emma Roberts for being transphobic to her on set.

In an Instagram Live video, Ross candidly shared an incident that occurred during their time working together. 

She recounted an encounter with Roberts when someone named John interjected during a conversation. 

Ross explained, “And John is like, ‘OK ladies, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work.’ And she then looks at me and goes, ‘Don’t you mean lady?’ I am looking at her dead a** in the camera, and I am like, ‘What the f**k did you just say?'”

We can only imagine what the reaction of Angelica Ross would have been if Stone somehow knew about and called her by her birth name!


The below section is culled from the Wikipedia page for Angelica Ross.

Angelica Ross (born November 28, 1980) is an American actress, businesswoman, and transgender rights advocate.

A self-taught computer programmer, she went on to become founder and CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises, a firm that helps employ transgender people in the tech industry.

Ross began her acting career in the web series Her Story (2016), after which she received further recognition and critical acclaim for her starring roles in the drama series Pose (2018–2021) and the anthology horror series American Horror Story (2019–present), both from FX.

Angelica Ross was born on November 28, 1980, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, then raised to the north in nearby Racine. 

Ross, a trans woman, has said she was perceived as feminine from a young age.

By Miss Ross, Inc.

In 1998, when she was 17, she came out as gay to her mother, an evangelical Christian. 

Her mother did not receive the news well; according to Ross, “she told me I should commit suicide or she would, because she couldn’t have someone like me as her child.”

Upon graduating high school at 17, Ross briefly attended the University of Wisconsin–Parkside before dropping out after one semester.

Ross decided to join the U.S. Navy (after her parents signed a waiver so that she could join as a minor) in order to qualify for the G.I. Bill. 

Ross initially moved to Rochester, New York, before being stationed in Yokosuka, Kanagawa.

In 2005, Ross made her acting debut in the comedy film Natale a Miami, followed by a role in the short film Bella Maddo (2010). 

In 2016, Ross received recognition for starring in Her Story, a web series about trans women in Los Angeles.

The series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama.

In 2017, she made guest appearances in the CBS legal drama series Doubt, the TNT crime drama series Claws, and the Amazon Prime Video comedy-drama series Transparent.

She also executive produced and starred in the short film Missed Connections, which went on to be an official selection at Outfest 2017, Baltimore International Black Film Festival 2017, La Femme International Film Festival 2017, and Outflix Film Festival 2017 in Memphis, Tennessee.

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