Who are Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and Paul Contreras?

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and her father Paul Contreras are going viral after Paul’s actions during the Super Bowl parade shooting.

Paul Contreras has gone viral as the man who tackled a gunman during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shootings.

His daughter, Alyssa Marsh-Contreras, also recorded the entire incident, thrusting her into the limelight as well.

The Super Bowl parade shooting in Kansas City wounded 22 and killed two, including a beloved local DJ named Lisa Lopez-Galvan.

At least three gunmen have been arrested for the shooting so far, one of whom was tackled to the ground by Paul Contreras with his daughter Alyssa Marsh-Contreras recording everything for posterity.

In this article, we break down all there is to know about this duo.

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Who is Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and Paul Contreras?

alyssa marsh-contreras

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and Paul Contreras are a father-daughter duo who have hit the spotlight after their actions during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shootings.

As Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory parade was wrapping up Wednesday afternoon at Union Station, gunfire rang out.

The shooting killed at least one at the grounds with another later dying during surgery.

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22 people were wounded during the shocking attack.

A stunning moment occured during the shooting when a group of fans banded together to stop one gunman.

The group contained Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and her father, Paul Contreras, who was the big hero of the situation.

Video emerged on social media showing the moment a suspect is tackled by Chiefs fans, with one woman seen picking up what appears to be an assault rifle.

The group hauled the alleged gunman to the ground and then shouted ‘we got the gun.’ The men held down the suspect until cops arrived to detain him.

Paul Contreras was one of the heroes with his daughter Alyssa Marsh-Contreras recording everything.

According to ketv, Alyssa Marsh and her father Paul Contreras hail from Bellevue, a suburb of Omaha.

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras captured video of her father, Paul Contreras, tackling an alleged shooter before police got to him, ketv reported.

Paul said he and his three daughters thought they heard fireworks but it turned out to be gunfire.

alyssa marsh-contreras paul contreras

Paul Contreras said that’s when he saw a man running with another man chasing him and yelling for someone to stop him.

“I didn’t hesitate,” Paul said.

He said he saw a gun fall out of the alleged shooter’s hand, as he and another bystander tackled him.

“The whole time he’s fighting to get up and run away,” Paul said. “We’re fighting each other, you know. We’re fighting to keep him down and he’s fighting to get up.”

Paul said it only took seconds for police to step in but it felt like forever.

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and her father Paul Contreras are both reportedly safe and back home in Bellevue.

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras Father Paul Contreras receives praise online

paul contreras

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras said it’s sad to see a celebration turn into a tragedy.

“We went for a once in a lifetime experience, you know, and to leave with, you know, another once in a lifetime experience but not a good one,” she said.

Paul Contreras said they won’t let this discourage them from attending other large events in the future.

“You can’t be scared, you know. Not saying you want it to happen, but there’s always that chance. It could happen at work, the grocery store. This just happened to be the Super Bowl Parade,” he said.

On social media, Paul Contreras received massive plaudits.

“Paul Contreras, you are a HERO

“Contreras was one of the brave men who dove on the active shooter at the Kansas City Chiefs parade today

“”I didn’t think about it. It’s just a reaction. I didn’t hesitate – just do it,”

“@Chiefs can we hook this hero up?” the X account Fantasy Fanatics tweeted.

Colin Rugg also on X wrote: “NEW: The man who tackled a shooter at the Kansas City Chiefs parade speaks out, says he didn’t hesitate when he saw the shooter running by. Hero!

“I didn’t hesitate. It was just do it. So I went to go tackle him and another gentleman did the same thing and as I’m tackling him, I see his weapon either fall out of his hand or out of his sleeve.”

“It seemed like forever, but it probably wasn’t, it was like 30 seconds holding him down… Where’s the cops? Get the cops over here, get the cops over here.”

The Kansas City star spoke to other fans who described the shooting.

“It sounded like fireworks,” John O’Connor of Kansas City said.

“It sounded like a ton of very rapid succession, very quick shots. So, I’d say 15 to 20 in a very short amount of time.

“I didn’t really take off to start. A lot of people did. And then it kinda just seemed like someone was hurt and people were running more and more.”

LeAndre Allen and Spencer Johnson were walking around outside University Health Hospital, praying for those inside.

“We’re just going to pray around the grounds,” Johnson said. “There’s nothing else to do.” Both were at Union Station when the shooting occurred.

“The shooter was behind me,” Allen said. “… That guy took off right into the crowd in front of us and everyone being able, you know, started panicking and stuff like that.

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Johnson said a girl she knows broke her leg at the scene. She said parents were quickly gathering their children.

“It was so many children just having to be picked up,” she said. “It was just alarming. It was just, it was a scary sight.”

Whilst Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and her father Paul Contreras are gaining tons of media coverage, its important to note that many others helped in calming the situation and ensuring things turned out the way they did.

Kansas City parade shooting

On February 14, 2024, a mass shooting took place at the west side of Kansas City Union Station, near the end of the victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, who had won Super Bowl LVIII three days earlier.

The shooting resulted in two deaths and 26 injuries, 22 of which were caused by gunshot wounds.

Eight children were among the injured. Three suspects were apprehended by the police, two of whom were armed. The shooting sparked widespread panic and chaos among the thousands of people who had gathered to celebrate the Chiefs’ second consecutive Super Bowl win.

The motive and identity of the shooters remain unknown.

The shooting occurred at approximately 2 p.m. CST, right after the parade rally had ended.

According to eyewitnesses, multiple shots were fired from different directions, creating confusion and fear among the crowd.

Some people reported hearing as many as 20 gunshots, while others said they heard only a few. Many people ran for cover, while others tried to help the wounded or call for help.

Some people reported seeing blood and bodies on the ground, while others said they did not see any victims.

The police responded quickly to the scene, securing the area and evacuating the injured.

They also arrested three individuals, two of whom were armed with handguns.

The police said they recovered two firearms from the suspects, and that they were looking for more evidence and witnesses.

Authorities did not release the names or any other details of the suspects, saying that the investigation was ongoing and that they were trying to determine the motive and the connection between the shooters.

Police had help arresting the suspects as some fans teamed up to arrest one of the gunman.

Paul Contreras was trending on social media for his actions in helping stop the gunman whilst his daughter, Alyssa Marsh-Contreras, filmed the video that later went viral.

One of the victims of the shooting was Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a Kansas City DJ.

Lisa Lopez Galvan was a Kansas City DJ and mother-of-two who was tragically killed during the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting on Wednesday, February 14 2024.

So who was Lisa Galvan? She hailed from Jackson County and was a graduate of Bishop Miege High School.

Living in Shawnee, Lisa Lopez Galvan was in her mid-40s, married, and with two adult children.

She worked as a disc jockey for community radio station KKFI and co-host of the program “Taste of Tejano,” featuring Hispanic music.

The station reacted to her death with a statement, writing: “It is with sincere sadness and an extremely heavy and broken heart that we let our community know that KKFI DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan, host of Taste of Tejano lost her life today in the shooting at the KC Chiefs’ rally.

“Our hearts and prayers are with her family. We encourage anyone who feels they saw something to reach out to law enforcement at 816 234 5111,” KKFI 90.1 Fm wrote on Facebook.

“This senseless act has taken a beautiful person from her family and this KC Community,”

“She was the most wonderful, beautiful person,” said Lisa Lopez, a friend for decades (no relation) who works as The Kansas City Star’s newsroom executive administrative assistant.

“She was a local DJ. She did everybody’s weddings. We all know her. She was so full of life.”

U.S President Joe Biden reacted to the shootings, writing: “Jill and I pray for those killed and injured today in Kansas City, and for our country to find the resolve to end this senseless epidemic of gun violence tearing us at the seams,”

He added: “The Super Bowl is the most unifying event in America. Nothing brings more of us together. And the celebration of a Super Bowl win is a moment that brings a joy that can’t be matched to the winning team and their supporters. For this joy to be turned to tragedy today in Kansas City cuts deep in the American soul.

Today’s events should move us, shock us, shame us into acting. What are we waiting for? What else do we need to see? How many more families need to be torn apart?

It is time to act. That’s where I stand. And I ask the country to stand with me. To make your voice heard in Congress so we finally act to ban assault weapons, to limit high-capacity magazines, strengthen background checks, keep guns out of the hands of those who have no business owning them or handling them,”

Bellevue, Omaha

Alyssa Marsh-Contreras and her father, Paul Contreras, both hail from Bellevue, Omaha.

Bellevue (French for “beautiful view”; previously named Belleview) is a suburban city in Sarpy County, Nebraska, United States.

It is part of the Omaha–Council Bluffs metropolitan area, and had a population of 64,176 as of the 2020 census, making it the 3rd most populous city in Nebraska, behind Omaha and Lincoln, and the second largest city in the U.S. named “Bellevue,” behind Bellevue, Washington.

Established by European Americans in the 1830s, Bellevue was incorporated in 1855 and is the oldest continuously-inhabited town in Nebraska.

It has been credited by the Nebraska State Legislature as being the state’s second-oldest incorporated settlement after Nebraska City; previously it served as the seat of government in Nebraska.

Bellevue is located at an elevation of 1159 ft (353 m).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 16.02 square miles (41.49 km2), of which 15.85 square miles (41.05 km2) is land and 0.17 square miles (0.44 km2) is water.

It is bounded on the east by the Missouri River.

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