Always Trying to Make People Praise Him – Davido’s Narcissistic Attitude Called Out After Mr Macaroni Revelation

A social media user has called out Davido’s ‘narcissistic’ attitude after revealing his mom bought Mr Macroni his first phone.

Davido revealed this in a recent video released online in which he spoke of his long-term relationship with the comic.

According to Davido, his mom bought Mr Macaroni his first-ever phone, many many years ago.

He said the comedian made this known to him and promised to always be there for him.

Davido Mr Macaroni

However, Davido’s comments haven’t gone down well with netizens.

He’s been accused of being a narcissist who’s always looking for ways to be praised.

According to fans, he loves revealing things to show his benevolence so he can be praised for it.

Fans bashed him for that kind of attitude.

“Always trying to make people praise him,” one angry netizen fired.

Watch Davido speak about Mr Macaroni below…

The comedian has a long-standing relationship with the Adeleke family.

He also revealed in the past that he got his first laptop from Davido’s father, Adedeji.

His late mother Veronica also got him his first-ever phone as Davido revealed.


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