Alleged Nigerian Drug Dealer In South Africa Forced To Eat His Own Drugs By Angry Locals

An alleged Nigerian drug dealer in South Africa posing as a pastor run of luck when community members busted his shady business and forced him to eat his drugs.

The pastor, based in Johannesburg, was cashing in good money by selling drugs like cocaine. Being a man of the cloth was enough veil to hide his illegal operation.

Earlier this week, the supposed Nigerian clergyman was busted by community and Operation Dudula members. Operation Dudula has been on a crusade around South Africa, chasing away illegal foreigners and busting drug dealers.

In a video circulating online, the angry mob took the pastor out of his church and snatched away the packet of cocaine that he had for sale in his house.

The terrified pastor remained mum as the crowds jeered and shouted at him. One of the Operation Dudula members then untied the packet of drugs to pour a handful into the Nigerian pastor’s right hand.

The clergyman was hesitant, and the Operation Dudula leader smacked him on the chest before he opened his hand wide to receive the powdery drug.

As the Nigerian drug dealer in South Africa licked the coke, one of the community members shouted, “Eat all of it.” The Nigerian pastor then tried to plead, but the Operation Dudula member was taking no prisoners.

Left with no option, the pastor licked and munched the drugs as the enraged mob shouted. Watch the dramatic moment below.


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