Alhaja Want to Kill Her Child Because of Property – Old Post of Dharmie Richie Calling Out His Mum Online Surfaces

An old social media post appearing to show Dharmie Richie calling out his own mother over trying to kill him has popped up.

The social media post, allegedly taken from Dharmie’s snapchat, appears to lend credence to claims his mom played a part in his death.

Since the Nigerian Instagram big boy based in Dubai died over the weekend, numerous theories surrounding his death have surfaced.

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There are claims from his family that his own mother killed him, whilst some Anambra boys also claim they killed him for swindling them out of $43m.

A social media user claims he has evidence showing Dharmie’s mum might have been the culprit.

Sharing the evidence online, he wrote: “Honestly I don’t know if him mom killed him but I remember one of his post on Snapchat sometimes last year…he wrote ‘alhaja want to kill her child because of property'”

The social media user shared some of those so-called posts as evidence.

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Check them out below…

Reactions to his post are still mixed as some netizens say the story is still not convincing that his own mum killed him.

What do you make of Dharmie’s death?


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