Ada Ameh Dead: Biography, Age, Cause of Death, Daughter Surgery

Nigerian actress Ada Ameh is dead! The shocking news hit Nigerians early on Monday, July 18th 2022. She was 48.

She died on the night of Sunday, July 17th 2022.

Ada Ameh Dead

Ada Ameh dead

Ada Ameh was well known for playing Emu in the Africa Magic family drama, The Johnsons.

Emeka Rollas, the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, confirmed Ada’s passing to the PUNCH newspaper.

“We lost Ada. No details at the moment, but we’ve lost Ada,” Rollas said according to PUNCH.

Unconfirmed reports on social media say she collapsed and died at a hospital in Delta State Sunday night.

She was reportedly the guest of an oil company when she sadly collapsed.

The actress died whilst being rushed to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Hospital.

Ameh recently confessed to suffering mental health issues, mostly from having lost almost her entire family and her only daughter.

“Everything is going to be fine. I have an issue right now, and it’s taking my life. I will not die. We will get over it,” Ameh said.

Ada Ameh Biography

Ada Ameh biography

Ada Ameh is a Nigerian actress who is well known for spending over two decades in the Nigerian movie industry.

She is most known for her roles as Anita in the 1996 movie titled Domitilla and as Emu Johnson in the award-winning Nigerian television series The Johnsons.

Ameh starred alongside Charles Inojie, Chinedu Ikedieze & Olumide Oworu in the family comedy.

She hails from Idoma in Benue State but was born and raised in Ajegunle, Lagos State.

She started her schooling in Lagos but quit education at the age of 14.

Ada joined Nollywood in 1995 but received her big break in 1996’s Domitilla, playing the character of Anita.


Ada Ameh was born on 15th May, 1974. She was 48 years old.

Cause of Death

Ada Ameh is dead. The actress collapsed and died on the night of Sunday, July 17th 2022.

Her cause of death has not yet been publicised.

Daughter Surgery

Ada Ameh daughter

Ada Ameh had a daughter, Aladi Godgift Ameh.

Godgift died in October 2020 after a surgery gone wrong in Abuja.

The actress welcomed her daughter at the age of 13! She said it was due to peer pressure from her friends that made her try s*x at an early age.

Daughter Age

Ada Ameh’s daughter was 33 years old when she died in 2020.

Net Worth

Ada’s net worth was an estimated $400,000.


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