Actress Laide Bakare’s Boyfriend In America Drops Her Photos

Actress Laide Bakare has landed in trouble as her alleged boyfriend in the U.S.A. has released her compromising photos.

Months after the Empress Njamah scandal, celebrities appeared to have learned nothing!

Notorious blogger Gistlover made the revelation in a post on Instagram.

According to the blogger, the actress sent photos of herself to her boyfriend in Indianapolis in the United States and the gentleman has dropped it all over.

Check out Gistlover’s post on Laide Bakare’s n*de below…

laide bakare nudes

Laide Bakare is a Nigerian actress. Her film Jejere won the 2012 Best of Nollywood Awards in the Best Costume Design category.

She was nominated for Most Outstanding Actress Indigenous Category at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2008 for her role in the film Iranse Aje (2008).

Her issue comes after Empress Djamah fell victim to a blackmailer recently.

She revealed the blackmailer came into her life when she was vulnerable as she had just lost her friend, Ada Ameh.

She revealed that she had been speaking to him for months on the phone and people she thought were his relatives, not knowing that it was all a scam.

“He came into my life and said he could not leave me because I wasn’t okay. I wasn’t okay; I was hiding it from the press. The death of my friend broke me down so badly I could not function, and he said he would stay with me.

“I didn’t know he was busy gathering his tools, the materials he would use to blackmail me.

The ‘Liberian Girl’ actress, who said she was speaking up to clear the air, said when her ex-lover got a hold of her n*de videos, he completely changed.

“He started hitting me, and when I wanted to talk and tell him this can’t work, he blackmailed me with my videos and said I’m going nowhere.

“That was when he turned into an animal. He beats me anytime, locks me up, and puts the keys in his pocket in my own house. I didn’t have access to leave my room,” she said.


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