200k Plot Of Land, £21k TV From UK and Other List of Items and Prices Inside Jackie Appiah Mansion Causes Stir

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has been trending nonstop for a couple of days after a video of her expensive, multi-million dollar mansion went viral.

Nollywood actress Luchy Donalds recorded a video giving a detailed tour of the interior of Jackie’s mansion.

The video went viral, with fans marveling over how Jackie amassed enough wealth to build such a crazy house.

Jackie Appiah mansion

Jackie Appiah mansion
Actress Jackie Appiah mansion

Jackie Appiah house has every single luxury you can think of with state-of-the-art amenities and expensive decor.

The huge mansion has rooms so huge that her bedroom and living rooms look like a conference centre! 

Her closet is something else! With her wardrobe like a showroom displaying all kinds of luxurious items from perfumes, designer bags and shoes plus clothes.

Her ultra-modern washroom is also remote-controlled! 


Apparently, almost everything in the house was shipped from abroad to Ghana to complete its elegant look.

Blogger Cutie Juls gave a stunning look at the cost of things in the mansion which can make one go mad.

According to the blogger, the land the house was built on costs $200,000 per plot, and the house is clearly not on one plot of land.

Cutie added that all her tiles and furniture was shipped from Italy to Ghana at a very exorbitant cost.

She revealed the high-definition televisions in the house cost £21,000 each from Harrod’s in the UK – also bought and shipped.

She added that the smart toilets seen in the house also all cost between $3,000-$4,000 each.

Jackie also reportedly flew in her interior decorator and accommodated him/her at a 5-star hotel until the job was done.

All of this before even taking into account the cost of the building itself!

Cutie said looking at this, you cannot even begin to guess the crazy cost of Jackie Appiah mansion!

Items In Jackie Appiah plush mansion

Cutie Juls wrote on Instagram:

“Abeg Abeg, let’s call a spade a spade. Please for those comparing Jackie’s house to all sorts.. please stop it na. Why una wan disrespect Jackie. Did I hear Shatta Wale’s house?. Abeg, don’t even compare. 

“Facts about Jackie’s house: The plot on which the land is seated is sold for $200k per land and we all can see that property isn’t on one plot. 

“Almost all her furniture were bought and shipped from Italy. 100% Italian luxury furnitures. Her tiles were bought and shipped from Italy, porch is 100% marble.. you know how expensive that is. 

“Her TVs are straight for Harrods and I think it was £21k for one at that time. Some of us went extra miles to get reciepts as part of our Amebo job. As we all know smart toilets are $3k to 4$k each.

“The structure itself is even out of these equations. She flew in her interior decorator on a first class ticket and hosted the decorator in a five star hotel until the decor’s job was completed. 

“Abeg, everyone is doing great but please put some respect on this girl’s name. She is QUEEN. Abeg, there are levels to this sh#t..”

Check Cutie’s post below…


Jackie Appiah house

Jackie Appiah house

Actress Jackie Appiah new house has been making all the waves due to its magnificent nature.

It is arguably the best house we’ve seen any African celebrity buy and fans are rightly interested in every detail about it.

Per this report, it is definitely the most expensive house ever bought by an African celebrity!

Jackie Appiah net worth

Jackie Appiah’s net worth is estimated at $1.5m.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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